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11 Jun

Best Heavy Duty Staple Removers (2020)

Some staples are pretty easy to remove.With enough practice, you can even pull them out with your fingers in a pinch.Other staples are thick and heavy and seem nearly impossible to get out with any tool.This is where you need to have the best heavy duty staple remover.Even if you’ve got brass packaging staples to […]
5 Jun

Best Manual Staple Gun Reviews (2020)

Sometimes you need to have a better stapler than what you’ve got sitting at your office desk.You need something that’s more heavy-duty, yet still easy to use.You need stronger staples for boxes, affixing things to harder surfaces, or for light chores around the house.The best manual staple gun reviews will help you to find the […]
4 Jun

Best Heavy-Duty Stapler Reviews (2020): Our Serious Office Picks

Sometimes you just need to have a little more stapler than you’ve currently got. It might be because your document is too thick.Maybe the staples just aren’t good enough.Maybe you just don’t have the muscle to power through 150+ sheets of paper to bind them together properly.Whatever the case may be, if you need more […]
3 Jun

Best Electric Staple Reviews (2020): Our Powered Picks

A stapler is a common office tool. You’ll hear it in use every single day in almost every office environment.We’re all very used to picking up this tool, stapling some papers together, and then moving on to the next task our job demands.If you use a stapler multiple times every day, however, then this can […]
3 Jun

Best Carpet & Flooring Staplers (2020): Top Products – Reviewed

Carpet and flooring staplers are a high quality tool that can help you install some amazing floors in your home.The modern stapler in this category can work with laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, laying carpet, and even install upholstery or assemble wood products if need be.Whether you’ve got a DIY remodeling project that needs to get […]
3 Jun

Best Bostitch Stapler Reviews (2020): Our Favorites From The Brand

One of the top producers of staplers in the world today is Bostitch.Not only do they make high quality office supplies, but contractors, DIY homeowners, and others involved with construction can benefit from their electric, handheld, and pneumatic heavy duty staplers as well.This global manufacturer is one of the most popular brands and these Bostitch […]