Best-Rated Zero-Turn Mowers in (2023)

20 Nov

Best-Rated Zero-Turn Mowers in (2023)

The prospect of having a lush green lawn with blooming lines of floral plants and trees is always exciting. However, working on an empty piece of land, preparing it for sowing, and then constantly taking care of the seedlings so they can transform into full-grown plants and shrubs is no cakewalk. Also, having a lawn is not just a one-time task.  You have to be proactive and need to continuously put in the effort to have a flourishing, picturesque lawn all year round.

Several accessories take the edge off extensive lawn care work, and zero-turn movers are one of them. Zero-turn mowers are regular lawn tractors but with a spin: they don’t have a turning radius. This characteristic makes the operations of zero-turn mowers more effective and convenient from the users’ point of view. By turning on the same line, zero-turn mowers make sure you don’t miss out patches of the grass that often left un-mowed when you use regular lawn tractors.

The other good bit about zero-turn lawn mowers is they are quicker than regular lawn tractors. You don’t have to spend your entire afternoon mowing your lawn if you are using any of the best rated zero-turn mowers. For all those homeowners and managers dealing with sprawling lawns with lots of tricky ends and turns due to plants and trees, spending on a zero-turn mower is a worthy investment. By getting a top-quality, best-rated zero-turn mower, you can rule out the hassle from your lawn sprucing work.

So, without further ado, let’s have quick reviews of the five of the best zero-turn mowers available in the market right now.

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Why It's Our Top Pick?

Husqvarna Z248F (48") Fab Deck 23HP Kawasaki Zero-turn Lawn Mower

If you just want to know about a single best-rated zero-turn mower that performs well on all fronts, then Husqvarna Z248F Fab Deck Zero-turn Lawn Mower should be your pick. This 48-inch mower features a powerful and dependable Kawasaki engine that entails uncompromised performance with minimal maintenance requirements.

Unlike other mowers and tractors, this Husqvarna machine features hydrostatic power transmission that involves no belts and pulleys, which automatically decreases the chances of faults and break-downs. Moreover, the deep deck can also be adapted for use as a mulching tool.  The driver’s area of Husqvarna Z248F is also quite well-thought-out.

The ergonomic and intuitive control panel, along with the comfortable seat and anti-slip footrest, makes for comfortable mowing rides. For a brand-new machine, frame, and deck, its price is also quite reasonable. Lastly, the sharp design of the machine is stylish and easy on the eyes. This Husqvarna zero-turn mower will be an ultimate choice for your commercial and private mowing needs.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Husqvarna is one of the leading manufacturers of lawn accessories, especially trucks and mowers. The company’s Fab Deck zero-turn lawn mower is one of the best rated in its category. This efficient lawn mower uses the 23 HP Kawasaki engines that can move it at the top speed of 6.5 miles per hour, which is pretty fast for a heavy-duty mower cutting and clipping thick grass patches.

Husqvarna has tried to perfect the Z248F lawnmower from a functional aspect. For instance, it has used the hydrostatic transmission to transmit the power from the engine to wheels instead of using the regular belt-governed transmission. This makes the mower a low-maintenance machine and allows you to use it for all different cutting needs without worrying about its repairs.

As its name implies, the other good functional aspect of Husqvarna Fab Deck is its fabulous 48-inch deck. The deck doesn’t just cut and trim the grass. You can also modify it for bagging and mulching the cut grass and weed with the help of relevant accessories. You won’t find such a highly functional deck in many zero-turn mowers.

Husqvarna has coupled functionality with user-friendliness to strike a perfect combination in this zero-turn mower. Its well-thought-out control panel has a cushioned and ergonomically-designed seat and anti-slip foot area, allowing you to make the most of Fab Deck’s mowing capabilities without a hassle.


  • Zero-maintenance transmission system
  • Deep deck design improves the aerodynamics of the mower
  • Discharge, bag, or mulch the cut shrubbery— versatile deck performance
  • Easy-to-grip handle


  • We couldn’t find any deal-breaking cons in our review

This Craftsman machine is one of the best-rated zero-turn mower this year and for all the right reasons. It features a 24 HP gas engine that is equipped with a patented ReadyStart technology so you can easily rev up the mower and get on with your mowing, trimming, and clipping job. Craftsman zero-turn mower is ideal for big lawns since it is fitted with a 54-inch deck.

You’ll be able to mow even large multi-acre lawns in no time with this mower. Moreover, Craftsman has also enabled the deck to mow in the reverse direction. This feature comes in handy when you want to go over a thick swath of grass one more time. Similarly, the zero-turning radius means you can mow your lawn in perfect symmetry.

We also love this zero-turn mower because it comes with a built-in deck wash. This makes it quite easy for you to deal with underside cleaning of the machine after mowing. We also like the tire assembly of the mower. It features 11-inch front wheels and 20-inch rear wheels that offer needed traction and support to the mower even when the lawn surface is damp or a bit uneven.

Lastly, the long ergonomic handles and cushioned high-back seats are used for keeping mowing a less demanding physical job. If you are overseeing the maintenance of large, grassed land, then Craftsman Z560 Zero-Turn Mower is worth your money.


  • Large deck size, more mowing in lesser time
  • Easy to start (ReadyStart), easy to maintain (Deck Wash)
  • Sportier look


  • A bit heavy on the pocket
  • Can be an overkill for small lawns

If you are looking for a machine that can mow as well as thatch, then this Ariens zero-turn mower with Kawasaki’s reliable 23 HP engine would be an ideal pick for you. The machine features a 52-inch deck that is enough for all big sprawling lawns. The deck is four-and-a-half inches deep, which means there is a lot of space to keep the cut grass before emptying it out.

You can also use mesh bags with this Ariens mower to further streamline your lawn maintenance work.  Ariens has also made sure that you can use its zero-turn mower for the rest of your life. The entire body of the mower is made of high-grade tuber steel. Since the deck is the most used part of the mower and faces more wear and tear, Ariens has used 11-gauge steel to carve it out. Rest assured, your deck is not going to corrode under rough and tough working conditions.

We also love this Ariens machine for its comprehensive driving panel. For instance, you get to select the height of the deck blade with a dial. Moreover, Ariens has added armrests with a cushioned high-back seat. This allows you to maneuver the mower while resting both of your arms. With all its accessories, this Ariens machine is one of the most complete zero-turn mowers on the block.


  • Features dual-arm deck hanging system (4-point, commercial-style)
  • Can work in poor light conditions as well, with LED headlights
  • Comes with a 3-year machine and 5-year deck and frame warranty


  • Too big for small lawns

Husqvarna has taken one step further on the technological front with this zero-turn lawnmower. It is a heavy-duty zero-turn lawn mower with a large deck of 54 inches featuring reinforced steel blades for cutting, trimming, and clipping grass and all sorts of unwanted shrubbery.

Even with such a large and heavy deck, this Husqvarna machine can move with the speed of up to 6.5 miles per hour. This zero-turn lawn mower also features a unique brake system that is intuitive and doesn’t require any separate input.  When the steering levers of the mower moves in forward or reverse direction, this brake system activates automatically, making the use of mower convenient, effective, and failsafe.

The other impressive technical aspect of this machine is it features air induction technology. This innovation means the deck draws in more air from the top and bottom to improve the cutting conditions and the overall maneuverability of the machine. This is a simple yet effective way to make a mowing work neater and on point.

Like other best-rated zero-turn mowers from Husqvarna, this one also features a versatile deck that you can modify with mulching and a bag attachment and customize your mowing work according to your needs. If you are looking for power and innovation in a single zero-turn mower, then this Husqvarna machine should be your pick.


  • Maintenance-free power transmission
  • Uses the most durable cutting blades
  • Innovative design and comfortable sitting platform


  • Only suitable for big lawns

This Husqvarna machine is an ultimate zero-turn mower for commercial use. Its 61-inch deck is the biggest you will find in the best rated zero-turn mowers. This large cutting deck is powered by a 27 HP Briggs and Stratton gas engine to ensure fluid performance on all sorts of grass turfs.

Husqvarna has tried to add all important features and accessories to this zero-turn mower. Commercial lawn mowing is extensive, and one often loses track of machine servicing. For that, the manufacturer has added an hour meter on the control panel, which will tell you when it’s time to service your mower. Moreover, a spacious collection bag of nine bushels is also given for streamlining tiring mowing jobs.

Many times, the power in mowers comes at the cost of comfort. In other words, using a large, powerful commercial-grade lawn mower is not easy and needs you to put in a lot of physical effort. However, this is not the case with Husqvarna MZ61 zero-turn mower. Husqvarna has used rubber isolators to ensure the high vibration of the steering and frame doesn’t affect the rider.

Moreover, the sitting platform has a comfortable high-rest cushioned seat with a cushioned armrest so you won’t get tired even after long spells of mowing. The service point area of the machine is worth mentioning due to its high-quality design. You can take care of drive system components, electrical systems, and oil and filter maintenance from the same opening, making the DIY service of the mower a breeze.

In short, Husqvarna MZ61 is the most detailed zero-turn mowers on the block. If you are looking for a one-time investment in lawnmowers, then you should mull over purchasing this machine.


  • Straight-line tracking doesn’t need any tool
  • Peddle-assisted deck lift for hassle-free cutting
  • Impeccable traction and maneuverability, plain front tires, and treaded rear tires


  • This model is a bit expensive

Final Thoughts

Zero-turn mowers are an improvement on regular lawn tractors with their precise maneuvering that doesn’t leave even a single inch of grass untrimmed. The above product reviews have shown that you can also use a mower for thatching and mulching work. Also, riding and moving zero-turn machines are less hectic than regular lawnmowers.

Buying a zero-turn mower is not a small outlay. However, the functionality, durability, and ease-of-use of these machines make up for more than its high upfront cost in the long run.

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