Main causes and Bostitch nail gun troubleshooting

Bostitch Nail Gun Troubleshooting: 8 Best Tips & Helpful Guide
20 Jan

Main causes and Bostitch nail gun troubleshooting

A nail gun is a portable tool that rapidly drives nails into materials using power, usually electricity or compressed air. Using a nail gun is less complicated and more efficient than using a hammer.

There may be issues with a Bostitch nail gun, such as slow nailing, slow firing, and air leakage. In this article, you will learn about Bostitch nail gun troubleshooting.

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bostitch nail gun troubleshooting

Bostitch nail gun troubleshootingп

Hundreds of nails can be hammered with a nail gun every day. But sometimes Bostitch nail gun doesn’t function.

For various reasons, the nail gun doesn’t work. Here are the main causes: jamming, incorrect pressure settings, air leaks, accumulation of dirt and dust, using unsuitable or wrong nails, damaged fasteners, and other Bostitch roofing nailer problems.

Let’s talk about each of the aforementioned causes by identifying the causes and solutions when a nail gun prevents shooting nails.

Nail gun stuck

Every carpenter occasionally deals with issues with jammed nails. Air and occasionally nails are the only things that can escape a jammed nail gun.

It is crucial to know how to unlock a nail gun because jamming frequently happens when using one.

Reinstalling the nail gun firing pin using a nail punch or other similar tool, then lubricating the gun with oil, will free it from its stuck position.

Security first

Disconnect all power sources, including the battery and fuel cell, before solving any problems with the nail gun. You can safely remove the jam now so your tool is no longer functional, but keep in mind that it must be pointed away from you.

How to fix nail gun:

  1. To release the front nose plate, either remove the two front nose bolts or lift the nose latch.
  2. Prick up your nose.
  3. Release the jam, then put the drive blade back in place.
  4. Fix the front nose’s closure.
  5. Verify that the sensor is unobstructed and has returned to its initial location.
  6. Replace the battery and fuel cell.
  7. The tool’s fasteners should be changed.
  8. Test if it works.

The nail gun won’t jam if you adhere to the aforementioned advice. It will typically jam due to stuck nails; to fix it, disassemble it and properly reload the nails.

However, in some circumstances—for instance, if the parts are broken—you might need to buy a new part to ensure that the nail gun is unobstructed.

Improper air pressure settings

But if the air compressor does not produce enough pressure within the advised range, the Bostitch nailer prevents shooting nails.

So, let’s find out what causes improper air pressure settings. Several factors can cause unusual changes in atmospheric air pressure. Some of them occur gradually, while others result from human error.

If the air compressor pressure is excessive, it is challenging to drive the nail. To follow the user’s instructions, it is best to keep the air pressure constant at or below 60 psi.

The pressure should always be checked first when experiencing nail gun problems. If the nail gun pressure is too great, the gun will be shooting nails. Air will be released from the tool due to improper air pressure adjustments.

Air leaks

The Bostitch nail gun frequently experiences air leaks caused by worn o-rings and faulty starting trigger valve seals.

The o-rings or trigger valve can also be “reset,” in which case you will need to make adjustments. Try these steps to reinstall the air gun seal:

Shoot your gun, then strike it forcefully with your hand or the rubber mallet attached to the tool’s back. This might aid in putting the parts back where they belong.

If the nail gun blows air from the front or through the vents, you either need to replace the nailer head or the o-rings are dry or damaged and need to be replaced as well.

Even if you don’t see any issues, having replacement O-rings on hand can help you with leaking air.

If Bostitch framing nailer is leaking air from the rear, you should reinstall the seals. But if it continues, take it apart to check for damaged working components. You will most likely need to replace the entire trigger valve assembly because the trigger valve is not sold separately.

Pay special attention to the supplier of the air leaking. If air comes out of the trigger, the trigger valve is defective.

A head valve bumper that is damaged or worn can also have air leaks. Replace this bumper completely to stop leaking air. You can fix air leaks and other smaller issues before resorting to nailer maintenance.

Nailer: problems with shooting nails

If your nail gun model prevents shooting nails, check for evidence of piston head valve damage. The nail gun’s functionality will be impacted by a broken spring inside the head valve, which is housed inside the top cap.

Pull out the head valve, inspect the spring, and replace the top cover. Install a new spring if the old one is damaged. Put the head valve back in place, attach the top cover to the new gasket, and gradually tighten the screws until the gasket is securely in place.

Also, check air supply equipment for blockages that could cause gun failure.

Using inappropriate or unsuitable nails

Bostitch framing nailer will function poorly if you use incorrect or incompatible nails.

They not only stop the nail gun from shooting nails, but they also have the potential to damage the tool.

It is advised to avoid using nails that are the incorrect size or that are incompatible with your nail gun.

Insufficient fasteners

The Bostitch brad nailer magazine must contain a certain minimum number of mounts. If there are not enough clasps, then the nail gun will experience internal stress and overheating.

As a result, the fasteners can be deformed, which can eventually lead to damage to the entire magazine assembly.

To prevent idle or reverse problems, always keep the minimum number of clasps in the magazine as specified in the owner’s manual.

Without an instruction manual, you can also find hardware specifications on the manufacturer’s website.

Low power

Almost always, Bostitch brad nailer uses batteries. When the battery has a low charge, it will stop firing nails.

Because some nail guns use batteries and fuel cells, you can use them even if the battery is not fully charged.

If you discover that your Bostitch brad nailer isn’t functioning properly, it may be due to a stale, non-chargeable battery. Alternatively, you should inspect the empty fuel cell canister.

Check if you’ve charged the battery or if you have issues with a brand-new battery.

It’s time to get a new battery if it doesn’t work after that.

Bostitch roofing nailer slow to move

Looking through this section will help you find potential solutions if the roofing nailer is taking a long time to cycle.

Bostitch roofing nailer may become difficult to cycle if it becomes dry. To abate dryness, power tools need to lubricate. Therefore, lubricate through the air line connection using recommended lubricants.

Bostitch roofing nailer might not function properly if the cylinder sleeve does not fit snugly on the bottom bumper.

Unscrew the cylinder sleeve and reassemble it in the proper position to solve this issue.

If there is an air leak from the Bostitch roofing nailer, it may move slowly. Check the muffler, head valve spring, and bumper carefully to ensure a smooth air release.

Examine the air compressor in detail. The cycle might become slower if there is low air pressure.

Tips before first using

You must exercise extreme caution and adhere to all safety instructions in the user manual when using nail guns. For instance, always wear safety equipment, especially eye protection, to shield your eyes from flying debris that could harm them.

Safety measures:

  1. When the nail gun is connected to an air supply line, keep your hands and other body parts away from the nail release area.
  2. Never direct the weapon at someone.
  3. Do not pull the trigger unless you are fastening wood with nails or another type of fastener.
  4. If possible, refrain from pulling the nail gun trigger valve, or do not do so while the tool is still loaded.
  5. Never forget to put down any tool, including your air tool, if it is not functioning properly.
  6. Before using your tool again, please take it to a qualified repairman or make any necessary modifications.
  7. Failure to take the required precautions may result in a person being injured or your instrument being further damaged.

Regular preventive maintenance

Any pneumatic tool, regardless of brand, will eventually wear. Preventive maintenance is the best strategy for preventing issues at work.

Wear can be avoided with proper air tool lubrication, air tool oil, and routine maintenance.

Plastic storage can help protect tools from dust and other elements when they are being stored, especially those that will be left idle for extended periods of time.


Why is my Bostitch nail gun not feeding nails?

Mostly nail gun jam, then the cause is improper loading of nails. Fortunately, they are frequently simple to clear.

To ensure your safety, you should first turn off the air supply to the tool, retract the feeder, and empty the magazine of any extra fasteners. Depending on the type of nailer you have, you can then attempt to clear the jam.

Why is my nail gun not shooting nails all the way?

Most likely, the tool does not have enough air. Check the compressor, hose, and fittings. Adjust the air pressure options and make sure your compressor is suitable for the type of tool you are using.

Why is my nail gun just shoots air?

If your nail gun shoots air, the airflow may be obstructed. Please check the air hose and nozzle for obstructions and make sure they are connected to the nail gun properly.

Why does your nail gun shoot two nails at the same time?

Nails will be fired from a nail gun when the trigger is worn out. To stop the Bostitch nailer from firing two nails in rapid succession, replace the trigger.

Final thoughts

There can be many Bostitch roofing nailer problems. The main thing is to identify them in time and know how to repair them. Timely maintenance of equipment is one of the best practices to improve the efficiency of the work.

We hope this article will help you with Bostitch nail gun troubleshooting.

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