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Colby is from Eureka Springs, AR and started his career as a teenage laborer working on construction sites. A little bit older and wiser now, ​he has a passion for home improvement.
Who makes Metabo tools: Q&A
19 Sep

Who makes Metabo tools: Q&A

Who makes Metabo tools? The confusion about the origin and manufacturer of Metabo power tools was especially common a few years ago when a rebranding took place. The ownership has changed not once over the years which affected many aspects. Luckily it was not the quality. The instruments remain appreciated and used among both professional […]
Best cordless nail gun for fencing
8 Sep

Best cordless nail gun for fencing: a comprehensive guide

Fencing projects can be a tough DIY or professional project, and proper tool selection plays a critical role in ensuring that the job is done faultlessly. The critical part of selecting the best nail gun for framing is evaluating your specific project requirements. As for fastening fencing projects, a cordless nail gun for fencing can […]
Can you use a roofing nailer for siding: super helpful guide & tips
21 Jul

Can you use a roofing nailer for siding: overview

Let’s say you are installing siding in your home. However, you soon discover that you have a roofing nailer rather than a siding nailer. Furthermore, you are not in a position to purchase a siding nailer. What should you do next? The thought “Can you use a roofing nailer for siding?” may have crossed your mind. Siding […]
Siding nailer vs roofing nailer: which is the best?
7 Jul

Siding nailer vs. roofing nailer: which tool reigns supreme?

Welcome to our blog post where we dive deep into the age-old debate of siding nailer versus roofing nailer. If you’ve ever found yourself pondering which tool holds the crown when it comes to fastening materials for siding or roofing nailing jobs, you’re in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the key […]
What nails to use for baseboards: 3 best tips & top guide | benefits
23 May

What nails to use for baseboards? A detailed guide

Deciding on which size nails to employ for your work can be challenging due to the various size nails that are marketed. The length and kind of nail must all be taken into account while selecting the right one. This article provides proper guidance to help you make a beneficial decision as to what size […]
How to install quarter round - top 3 tips
Small nail gun for crafts: 6 Best nail gun
14 Apr

Small nail gun for crafts for your DIY projects

Today, nail gun for crafts is in demand. This tool, despite its small size, helps to quickly glue the details of crafts. They are very convenient to use. Let’s read more information about different nail guns. Images Product Features Electric Brad Nailer, NEU MASTER NTC0040 Electric Nail Gun/Staple Gun for Upholstery, Carpentry, and Woodworking Projects, […]
1 Mar

How to install quarter-round moldings in different ways

The quarter round is a fantastic technique to conceal the margins of hardwood floors or to emphasize craftsmanship, and it’s never going to go out of style. There are various installation strategies, and today we’ll go over everything you should know for an effective project. What is quarter-round molding? While floor coverings are frequently flexible, […]