Best Long Arm Stapler Reviews (2020): Our Picks For Extended Reach

5 Jun

Best Long Arm Stapler Reviews (2020): Our Picks For Extended Reach

Have you ever tried to staple a document, booklet, or other promotional materials only to find that your stapler wasn’t up to the task?

Many office staplers are good for your average set of documents and heavy duty staplers can take care of the other tough jobs.

For those moments when you need some extra reach, however, you need to have one of the best long reach staplers at your disposal. 

The reviews you’ll find right here can help to make that happen.

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Our Test Winner After 35 + Hours Of Research:

Business Source Long Reach Stapler

Business Source Long Reach Stapler

Our Rating

Best Long Arm Stapler Reviews Chart

These long reach stapler reviews come from real administrators, workers, and other professionals who have found themselves needing a little bit more from their staplers.

The chart below is the starting point to discovering the best long reach staplers on the market today.

Our Top 5 Best Long Arm Staplers:

1.  Sparco Long Reach Stapler

2. Swingline Long Reach Stapler

3. PaperPro One Finger Long Reach Stapler

4. Business Source Long Reach Stapler

5. Economy Heavy Duty Stapler

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Sparco Long Reach Stapler

#1. Our Overall Top Pick

Sparco Long Reach Stapler

Our Rating

When it comes to affordable long reach staplers, this is the go-to choice for many.

It may be priced below $10 online in some locations, but that doesn’t mean you’re compromising on the quality of the product.

As a booklet stapler, this tool is a masterpiece. It uses standard staples as well, so you won’t have added office supply cost.

You can even adjust the throat depth up to 12” so you can use non-traditional paper sizes for your booklets as well. And it even functions as a regular office stapler as well.

This is a value not to pass up.

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Swingline Long Reach Stapler

#2. Our Top Pick For Beginners

Swingline Long Reach Stapler

Our Rating

If you’re looking for more precision with your long reach stapling chores, then this model from Swingline has the versatile features you’re going to want.

It has an integrated ruler and a locking paper guide so your alignments are always precise.

An inner rail system helps to keep this stapler from jamming on you during high volume work.

You can even fasten it to your work surface to take advantage of the 12” reach. 

If you want an all metal stapler that can provide you with several years of stapling help, this is the tool to consider using.

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PaperPro One Finger Long Reach Stapler

#3. Runner Up

PaperPro One Finger Long Reach Stapler

Our Rating

If you’ve used a long reach stapler for any length of time, then you know how much wear and tear your arm joints withstand to get the job done.

This model may only offer a sheet capacity of 25, but the leverage you receive is so great that you can staple booklets with just one finger if you were so inclined.

The secret to this stapler’s success is the patented spring-powered mechanism that increases the force of the downward fastening movement.

You’ve got to see this stapler to believe it.

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Business Source Long Reach Stapler

#4. Runner Up

Business Source Long Reach Stapler

Our Rating

If you need a booklet stapler, but don’t want to spend a fortune on one, then consider this affordable alternative today.

It’s the perfect stapler to provide center stitch stapling for booklets that are up to 20 pages of standard 20 lb paper thick.

You can also use it as a standard office stapler thanks to the adjustable 12” throat depth incorporated into this stapler’s design.

Tags, brochures, and pamphlets can all be quickly put together for your next direct marketing campaign.

Are you ready to see what this stapler can do?

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Economy Heavy Duty Stapler

#5. Runner Up

Economy Heavy Duty Stapler

Our Rating

This heavy duty long reach stapler is for those who need to staple bigger booklets or pamphlets together.

Although the throat depth is smaller when compared to other long reach designs, you’ll still be able to fasten up to 100 sheets comfortably thanks to the nonskid design of the foundation this stapler has.

You can use a variety of brand-name staples successfully in this unit as well.

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What Is a Long Reach Stapler and Why Do I Need One?

Sometimes referred to as a “booklet stapler,” the long reach stapler is the tool you need if you want to make your own literature. They cost a bit more than your standard office stapler because there is more substance to this tool. In return, you’ll be able to make booklets and staple documents with ease.

One of the best features that you’ll find on the modern long reach stapler is the measurement ruler that is incorporated onto the platform of the stapler itself. This allows you to quickly duplicate the results you need for making booklets, making you and your team more productive.

It also doubles as a standard office stapler thanks to the traditional handle designs that are incorporated into most of these tools today.

If you aren’t in the business of printing and distributing booklets and don’t think you will be in the future, then a standard stapler may be a more affordable solution to meet your needs.

If, however, you’re looking to create booklets of up to 50 pages thick using 20 lb paper consistently and want maximum versatility for your print marketing efforts, then this is the tool you’re going to want.

How To Find the Best Long Reach Stapler

Many long reach staplers are designed in roughly the same way. You have an extended reach so that booklets can be created. The pressing and binding mechanism is about equal across every model. There are, however, three points of focus to look at when shopping for the best long reach stapler to make sure you’re getting the most value for your investment.

  1. Is the stapler housing made from metal or from plastic? Plastic booklet staplers tend to be more affordable, but they may also degrade faster if you have high volume uses for this office tool.
  2. What staples are you planning to use? Some long reach staplers are brand-specific, which means you can only use one type of staple for your booklet binding needs.
  3. Are there other uses planned for this stapler? You can use a long reach stapler for many light-duty office needs. It may make sense to invest into a handful of these staplers instead of the standard manual stapler to give yourself and others the best possible levels of productivity. 

So how do we find the best long reach stapler to meet your specific needs? After all, when you’re shopping online for your office tools and supplies, you can’t really try it before you buy it.

This is why the best long reach stapler reviews are such useful content to have on hand. With real experiences, real product testing, and honest opinions, a review can let you know what to expect from each individual product. 

If you are a teacher, then it can be quite temping to pick up a long reach stapler, however you really should read our best staplers for teacher guide here first.

The Benefits of Creating a Booklet

The primary reason why a long reach stapler is purchased is to create a booklet. What are the benefits of creating this type of material? There are 4 primary advantages that every business owner, independent contractor, or freelancer can gain by having booklets at the ready.

#1. They’re incredibly affordable marketing materials. You can print booklets from any home printer. Just structure your files to be a half-page each and then bind them with the stapler. Even if you’re starting from scratch with no equipment, you could print 100+ booklets for less than $100. 

#2. People are attracted to them. Booklets require people to turn pages instead of navigating through different folding techniques. Because they’re structured like a book, it’s a familiar item and that makes people pay attention. 

#3. They offer in-depth information. Think cash, precious metals, or other forms of currency are the most valuable thing traded in the world today? It’s not – information out-ranks them all. Booklets allow for more in-depth research to be presented to the reader. 

#4. There are multiple delivery systems. You can send booklets through direct mail. You can hand them to people. They can become part of seminars or webinars. They can even create an interactive experience. 

Do you staple lots of booklets / books? If so you should check out our best saddle stapler reviews guide here.

What Are the Prices of Long Reach Staplers Today?

Long reach staplers have a premium price tag associated with them when compared to the standard office stapler. You’ll find that entry level staplers are priced around $20 and these are best for light duty work, occasional booklets, and standard office stapling.

At the $35-$50 price point, you’ll find booklet staplers that are heavy duty. These are what you’ll want for medium-duty use when you want multitasking capabilities out of your office supplies. These won’t handle hundreds of booklets per day over the long-term, but they will handle hundreds per week pretty effectively.

Above $50 would be considered a premium price point. These are your heavy duty long reach staplers and they are commercial-grade products.

Final Words

The best long reach stapler reviews will help you create something informative and amazing today. 

Start saving money by bringing your marketing efforts in-house and you may find that greater profits could be headed your way thanks to useful tools like these in your arsenal.

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