No nails, just air? Troubleshoot why the nail gun just blows air

19 Dec

No nails, just air? Troubleshoot why the nail gun just blows air

Nail guns are a popular tool for home improvement projects, but they can be frustrating when they don’t work properly. In this article, we’ll help you set your nail gun properly.

When you have woodworking projects going on but your nail guns quit functioning correctly, it may be a frustrating experience.

If your nail gun shoot just blows the air supply, it might mean that something is blocking the airflow. Check the air hose and the nozzle for any obstructions, and make sure that they’re both properly connected to the nail gun.

If your nail gun blows air but not shooting nails, it might mean that the nails are too big or too long. Try using smaller or shorter nails, and make sure that they’re properly seated in the magazine.

If your Paslode nail gun isn’t shooting nails, it might mean that the battery is dead or that there’s something wrong with the trigger. Try replacing the battery or contact Paslode customer service for assistance.

nail gun just blows air

What can go wrong with a nail gun?

There are a few things that can go wrong with a nail gun. The most common issue is when the nail gun just blows air and doesn’t shoot nails.

This could be caused by:

  1. If you’re using the wrong nails, it can lead the nail gun to fire but not shoot nails. If the nail size is too long, they can get stuck in the nail gun or go too deep into the material you’re trying to nail. If they’re too heavy, they can lead to a jammed nail gun. And if they’re not the correct gauge for your nail gun, they can also be firing but not shooting nails particularly.
  2. When the nail gun firing pin is stuck in the out position, it can be resolved by taking a nail punch or similar tool and tapping it back in, followed by oiling the gun.

If the problem is regular the first thing you should do is try lubricating the tool. Add 5 to 6 drops of air tool oil through the air inlet. Attach the air line and fire the gun a few times to get the lube to move all through the tool.

Why is a nail gun not shooting nails?

When using a nail gun, there are a few things you can do to help diagnose and troubleshoot the nail gun not shooting nails. First, check if the nails are loaded properly. They should be loaded with the head of the nail pointing down so that it can slide easily into the gun.

If they’re not loaded properly, that can cause the nails to fire erratically or not at all.

Another common issue is when the air compressor is set too high. This causes the recoil to be too strong, which can throw the nails out of the gun or prevent them from being fired altogether. If you’re having trouble with your Paslode nail gun, try turning down the air compressor a bit and see if that fixes the issue.

Why is my nail gun firing but not shooting nails?

If your nail gun not shooting nails, there are a few things that could be going on. The most likely culprit is that the air pressure is too low or too high.

If the air supply is too low, the nail gun nails won’t be driven into the wood properly and can come flying back out at you. If the air supply is too high, the nails can go flying through the wood, which can damage your project.

Other potential causes could be that the nails are jammed in the nail gun or that the magazine isn’t feeding properly. If you’re having this issue, it’s best to consult your user manual or take it to a professional to have it looked at.

Improper air pressure settings

The incorrect air pressure settings can lead to a nail gun not shooting. Normal pressure is indicated on the nail gun.

There are times when the air compressor puts the pressure below the recommended limit, so the gun can not fire. The incorrect pressure can’t move the hammer and the nail can have a hammer that can have a hammer causing nail damage.

Why are air pressure settings wrong?

Unusual air pressure changes could occur from several causes. Some of these happen in time, but some happen through human error.

The nail is difficult for the nail if the air pressure is too high. It’s best to maintain consistent pressure to follow user instructions. Most pressure nails recommend maintaining the pressure between 60 psi.

How to adjust the pressure on a nail gun

If you’re having issues with your nail gun, one of the first things you should check is the pressure. If the pressure is too high, the gun will shoot nails erratically. If the pressure is too low, the gun will just blow out air.

If you’re still having trouble, it might be time to consult a professional or take your nail gun to a service center.

Jammed nail gun

Jammed nail guns are a common issue for many woodworkers. Nail guns with jammed barrels don’t use nails – the nail gun just blows air. Until the nail gun hits the surface, it will not be noticeable. It must be taught that it’s a good idea to unjam nails because it causes some sort of harm.

The best way to fix a nail gun

Let’s take a look at how to remove nail guns manually. This method will stop the nails from getting stuck.

The nail guns are usually damaged when nails have jammed, causing a correction of the problem by dismantling and loading the nails.

But sometimes in some cases, you may need replacement parts to stop nails from breaking.

How to remove jammed nails from a nail gun?

Let’s learn how safe it is and why. We’re going to talk about fixing nail guns that are not firing. Is there anything wrong with you removing your nail?

  1. Dislodge jammed nail.

Flip-style hammers allow for the insertion of the magazines in your nailer if you have no tools, you can use your nails or fingers. When the gun does not have an opening latch on the nose you can’t open it. Use force.

The screw must not be removed to get the hole from the top screw in the pistol. If needed remove hammers with their claws using nail tips or pliers and remove the nail from the barrel.

It’s quite hard, but don’t be stressed. Keep patient and keep the nail out of the magazine.

  1. Take away the remaining nails.

Now that you have disconnected your tool it’s time to remove the nails and strips. Those are critical steps that should be taken in an event of an accidental fire. The nailer will fire if the jam is clear. 

  1. Disconnect the power source.

The first step of the repair involves disconnecting the power supply and battery. In most situations, you can simply remove (deactivate) the nail gun from the air hose to remove power.

  1. Open the barrel by using release leverage.

When a nailing tool comes with a lever to release its cylinder, use the lever to release it. Generally, the nailer has the choice of using a secure technique.

  1. Remove jammed nails.

The most efficient method for achieving that goal is following directions in your nailer’s manual, which are aimed at identifying specific nail tools.

  1. Reload the magazine.

After successfully removing the screw, the nails can be removed (if needed), and the nailer is pulled in the desired direction. Bring up the pushers so the nails stay put!

  1. Restore power and test.

When you are finished re-using the magazine, connect it to a generator or a compressor. Check nailing equipment on wood pieces for proper use.

Air leaks

Nails that are not shot will be caused by air leaks. If the air has been leaky, the nail gun simply blows the air out but does not harm wood surfaces. Most leaky air is repaired professionally. Nevertheless, the situation may require more professional nail gun repair shops.

Why do nail guns leak air?

Air leakage is caused by a nail gun. If the nail gun trigger pulls too much, it becomes loosened by wear and tear forces. The air may leak out of the trigger. If the valves wear, the air will be allowed to flow into the exhaust.

The leakage is likely to be severe. O-Rings mainly consist of rubber. These seal the exhaust valve and prevent air to flow through the air.

Types of air leaks

One common problem can be the nail gun blowing air without putting a nail on the surface. The most common causes are air leaks. Below is an overview of air leaks and how they are caused.

Air leaks through the exhaust vent at the head

The reason for the air leaks that are located in exhaust vents or rear exhaust ports is that they are worn and allow air in and allow air to pass through them.

The O-ring is usually made with rubber or other synthetic rubber which is designed for sealing around the valve to stop air from entering and to allow the engine to run normally.

It’s relatively quick to repair as the O-rings will be replaced on a nail gun. It’s probably advisable to get a replacement kit from the manufacturer. The rebuild kit must be compatible with your model of nails so you get the correct O-ring replacement to fix them.

Air leak through the trigger

The pressure inside the trigger valve is compromised. Usually, these are caused by wear that comes from pulling the trigger. You must purchase an additional valve.

Follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual to buy a trigger valve replacement.

That is different from the sensations sent by the trigger during the firing of the nails. It seems nothing works, so perhaps a valve could trigger a problem. The same is possible in the case of the triggered valves not cycling.

Dust and dirt build-up

The same problem applies to all woodworking tools. The nail gun can accumulate dust over time. Better check your nail guns before shooting for dust. If your problems started early, then they could be fixed quickly. Dust and dirt build-up affect the durability of eclectic electronics.

Other types of nail gun issues

Other common problems can occur in your nail gun that can be corrected according to their cause.

A lot of time damaged shooting spring also plays behind the bar for this type of issue. If you are facing a reverse case or if your nail gun shoots a nail too deep, that can happen because of using too high air pressure.

Sluggish nail gun

If you think your nail gun doesn’t provide a good amount of force, it will still drive the nails. Several problems can be easily rectified.

The pneumatic nailers do not need much air pressure. There is small air compressors pancake type for nails.

Nonetheless, if your nail is shorting continuously it may take some time. A further issue may be the lowering of airflow caused by leaking piping.

Why is my Paslode nail gun not firing nails?

Paslode nail guns are great tools, but like all tools, they can have their issues. If your Paslode nail gun not shooting nails but firing, there are a few things you can check.

First, make sure that the magazine is fully loaded with nails.

Next, check the air filter. If it’s dirty, that could be restricting airflow and causing the issue.

Finally, take a look at the o-ring. This is a small ring that helps create a seal so that air can build up pressure.

If the o-ring is damaged, replaced it. If you don’t have a replacement o-ring, you can try putting petroleum jelly on the old one to see if that helps.

Potential causes of nail gun not firing nails

If your nail gun not shooting nails but firing, the first potential issue is that the air pressure is not set high enough.

The second potential issue is that something is blocking the nail feed. The third potential issue is the wrong nails for the gun.

Nail gun not shooting nails It happens if your nail gun can not supply sufficient power. If the air pressure is not set high enough, the gun will not have enough power to shoot the nails. To fix this, you will need to increase the air pressure.

If something is blocking the nail feed, you will need to clear the obstruction.

If you have wrong-sized nails for the gun, you will need to get nails that are compatible with the gun.

Nail gun safety measures

It’s important to have a safe environment for the user. Nailers with compressor sound can reach 70-100 dBA and aren’t good for the ears. Upon the jamming inspection, you should wear headphones or ear muffs.

Tips for maintenance and proper use of your Nail Gun

Now that you know some of the reasons why your nail gun might be blowing air or not firing nails.

  1. Use the right nails for your project and make sure they’re not too long or too short.
  2. Keep the nails clean and free of debris.
  3. Don’t use the nail gun without the safety features in place.
  4. Read the manual that came with your nail gun and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

By following these easy guidelines, you can help guarantee that your nail gun continues to function properly and safely for many years.

Our option

The Porter Cable nail gun is well recommended for smaller fencing projects. It’s a reasonably priced cordless tool with a track record of dependability.

If you already have a sufficient compressor, the Wen fence nail gun may provide the same results for far less money. Neither of them, however, can handle pickets or substantial fences. The NuMax fence nail gun is a good option for tasks like these.

And the Freeman nail gun combination is our go-to fence tool because of its unparalleled flexibility.


Why is my nail gun blowing out air?

Leakage air on the trigger is often caused by the force and wear caused by the repeated use of triggering the trigger. There is a new trigger valve needed. You must follow the nail gun manufacturer’s instructions to replace your trigger valves.

Why is my nail gun firing but not shooting nails?

Nail pistols can’t be used for nails because they jam or have incorrect air pressure settings. Fix nail gun not shooting nails issues through the removal of jams, adjusting airflow settings, cleaning tools, and ensuring proper maintenance. unscrew the nose bolts to open the nose.
Then clear the jam through the nose and push the driver blade back to its position. After that close the nose and screw the bolts tightly.

Why is my Paslode nail gun not firing nails?

A nail jam can prevent nails from moving forward. A gas fuel cell is unused and faulty. Paslode nails have been used wrongly.


If you’re having trouble with your nail gun, don’t worry. We’re here to help. Check out our list of troubleshooting tips and see if one of them can help you get your nail gun works properly again.

Each fence nail gun we picked was carefully evaluated on its performance, but because high-power models aren’t necessary for installing ornamental panels or light trellises, we didn’t restrict our choices to them just.

The nail guns we choose to include in our top picks have to be versatile enough to handle a wide variety of fence projects. When a nail gun has several uses, it’s more practical and cost-effective. Finally, we considered cost since we want to provide options for a variety of budgets without sacrificing quality or longevity.

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