About Stapler Slinger

Once upon a time, there was a group of folks who were struggling to find employment. All of them had worked some odd jobs in the past. There was a dreadful 2 years in an office complex with 3,000 other people in a cubicle farm for one of them. There were multiple years as a general contractor for another. After the recession in 2007 when work was slow, they got together and asked one important question.

What can we do that can keep us employed, yet still help people in some way? 

That’s when Stapler Slinger was born, even though this group didn’t realize it at that moment. Their combined experiences has led to one of the most comprehensive sites about staplers that you’ll find online today. From pneumatic staple guns to the best stapler for the office, you’re going to find real reviews from people who have needed the same things you need today.

If you need a stapler today, then Stapler Slinger has the information you need to make an informed decision. Shopping should be a simple process. That’s what we hope you’ll find here.

Tim Hutcherson, Founder.