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Who we are

​We are a group of like-minded professionals with a passion for home improvement and construction projects.

You can find a short bio of each of us below summarising our interests and experience.

What we do

​We write in-depth reviews of the best staple guns and other tools for our thousands of monthly visitors and rate them against performance, value for money and user reviews.

In each of our reviews we also ​tell you our top choice, give you the Pros and Cons of each product and​ provide you with a Buyer’s Guide and answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions.

​As a result, not only will you learn about the best products​ for your job, ​you will also learn about what to look for when ​buying a product and how to us​e ​it so you can make ​a fast and easy informed choice about your purchase.

How we do it

1. Research

​We research the products that you are looking for to help you get your job done as effectively and efficiently as possible.

2. ​Test

Where we can, we ​get and test ​products to make sure​ they work ​when used on a real-life project.

3. R​ate

​Using our research and test results, we​ rate and recommend ​about 5 products in each category that we think are the best and tell you what our top choice​ is and why.

An example of one of our most popular reviews is here:

​Best Upholstery Staple Gun Reviews​

We also regularl​y update our reviews to make sure they include the latest products.

​Disclosure ​

​Please note that we participate in various affiliate programs, including Amazon, and earn from qualifying purchases, which is how our site is funded. ​For more information, please visit our Legal page​.


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The Staple Slinger Team

Chuck Harris

​Chuck H​.


​​​​​Chuck is from Durango, CO and he is a carpenter with 20 years of experience. ​He has a passion for tools, especially hand tools, and how they should be used and maintained..

Colby Bridges

​Colby B​.


​Colby is from Eureka Springs, AR and started his career as a teenage laborer working on construction sites. A little bit older and wiser now, ​he has a passion for home improvement.

Olivia Wells

​Olivia W​.


​Olivia is from Annapolis, M​D and ​is a qualified interior designer with a wide range of experience. She has clients all over the State and has a passion for the industrial and shabby chic styles.