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Who makes Metabo tools: Q&A
19 Sep

Who makes Metabo tools: Q&A

Who makes Metabo tools? The confusion about the origin and manufacturer of Metabo power tools was especially common a few years ago when a rebranding took place. The ownership has changed not once over the years which affected many aspects. Luckily it was not the quality. The instruments remain appreciated and used among both professional […]
Can you use a roofing nailer for siding: super helpful guide & tips
21 Jul

Can you use a roofing nailer for siding: overview

Let’s say you are installing siding in your home. However, you soon discover that you have a roofing nailer rather than a siding nailer. Furthermore, you are not in a position to purchase a siding nailer. What should you do next? The thought “Can you use a roofing nailer for siding?” may have crossed your mind. Siding […]
How to install quarter round - top 3 tips
21 vs. 30 framing nailer: Top Recommendation 2023
28 Dec

Performance evaluation: 21 vs. 30 framing nailer

People look for framing nailers when purchasing a nailer to handle large wood framing tasks. They locate both a 21-degree and a 30-degree framing nailer in the marketplace and choose one at random. A nail gun is necessary for creating fences, wood siding, and house frames. However, people occasionally choose the incorrect framing nailer angles. […]
How to remove buried nails from wood: Guidelines and Instructions
Different Types of Nail Guns - Top 3 Tips
What is a finish nailer used for: Best two types
16 Dec

What is a finish nailer used for?

You’re probably wondering what a finish nailer is and what it’s used for. A finish nailer is a tool used to fasten decorative trim or window trim and decorative molding to walls, floors, and ceilings. It drives finish nails into the trim or molding to hold it in place. Finish nailers come in two types: […]
21 Jun

A Guide To Setting Up A Home Office

INTRODUCTION Want to set up a home office? You’re by no means alone. In the US in 2019, people working from home accounted for 7% of the civilian workforce, some 10 million people – up from just 5.2% in 2017. Other developed countries report a similar leap. In the UK, the ten years between 2008 […]
21 Nov

The Top 8 Stapler Pop Culture References

Staplers have become more than just a useful tool. They have become an icon of pop culture. We all have our favorite stapler references that we’ve seen in movies, television, books, and other forms of entertainment. Will your favorite top stapler pop culture references make this definitive list? Read on and find out! #1. Office […]