Best Heavy-Duty Stapler Reviews (2019): Our Serious Office Picks

Best Heavy-Duty Stapler Reviews (2019): Our Serious Office Picks

Sometimes you just need to have a little more stapler than you’ve currently got. It might be because your document is too thick.

Maybe the staples just aren’t good enough.

Maybe you just don’t have the muscle to power through 150+ sheets of paper to bind them together properly.

Whatever the case may be, if you need more staple power than you’ve currently got, then you’re ready for the best heavy duty stapler reviews.

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Our Test Winner After 35 + Hours Of Research:

Rapid S060 Omnipress Stapler

Rapid S060 Omnipress Stapler

Our Rating

Best Heavy-Duty Stapler Reviews Chart

Heavy duty staplers come in all different shapes and sizes.

Some are strictly intended for office use.

Others can be taken outside of the office for light repair and handyman work.

Finding the best stapler to meet your needs begins right here with the chart below.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Bostitch Auto Xtreme Duty Stapler

#1. Our Overall Top Pick

Bostitch Auto Xtreme Duty Stapler

Our Rating

Heavy duty staplers can jam frequently and cause high levels of user irritation.

This stapler didn’t jam on us a single time during our testing period.  

Every document receives a custom staple thanks to the Bostitch Xtreme. The stapler automatically trims the staples so that every document receives a fastener that is of an optimized size.

There are no complicated processes to follow when using this particular stapler. As long as you can press down on it effectively, you’ll be able to get your jobs completely pretty effectively.

The bottom line is this: there were no errors, no jams, and zero damaged documents during the testing period with this stapler.

Swingline Stapler Red 747

#2. Our Top Pick For Beginners

Swingline Stapler Red 747

Our Rating

Why choose this stapler? In a word: precision.

It might be a manual stapler and it might take some effort to staple some thicker documents, but what this stapler provides you in return is a solid and precise movement.

The mechanics of this stapler help to guarantee that you receive accurate results every single time when you’ve got TPS reports that need to be processed.

It takes less pressure to have a satisfactory fastening experience and the streamlined ergonomics help to prevent the high volume fatigue that makes you want to set a building on fire sometimes.

Rapid HD200 Heavy Duty Stapler

#3. Runner Up

Rapid HD200 Heavy Duty Stapler

Our Rating

This is the heavy duty stapler you’ve dreamed about having in your office.

It can power through up to 220 sheets of paper with its stated capacity – and handled a little more than that in our testing.

You have a low staple indicator to let you know when a refill is necessary. The all metal inner housing lets you get through high volume stapling work with ease.

Even though it is a manual stapler, just about anyone can staple almost anything in the office thanks to this effective design.

Onotio Heavy Duty Stapler

#4. Runner Up

Onotio Heavy Duty Stapler

Our Rating

If you’re tired of using cheap staplers that claim to be heavy duty, then consider giving this brand a try.

It’s a heavy duty stapler that is made from 100% metal, yet it has a price that is up to 4x less than similar staplers from more common brand names.

You’re going to be the boss of your paperwork with this on your desk and the best part is that it only costs about what you’d spend for a nice lunch out with your co-workers.

It is also one of the few heavy duty staplers which offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Bostitch Impulse 45 No Jam Electric Stapler

#5. Runner Up

Bostitch Impulse 45 No Jam Electric Stapler

Our Rating

Are you going to get through a 200 page document with this stapler? No.

Can you effectively staple up to 45 pages without lifting a finger to do it? Yes.

This electric stapler by Bostitch might not have the same fastening power as other staplers in this category, but it does offer a superior ease of use.

Just slide your paperwork into the proper position and you’re ready to have your document stapled. Plug it into the wall or go with the batteries – it’s your choice.

At the end of the day, if you do high volume stapling, you’ll notice a big difference in your arms and wrists when this is the stapler you’ve used.

The Basics of a Heavy Duty Stapler 

Heavy duty staplers for the office look a little different than your average stapler. For starters, you receive more platform room to rest your document or other materials that need to be bound. This gives you more stability during the stapling process, reducing the chances that you’ll need to pull out an error and start over again. You can often add to this stability by affixing the stapler permanently to a flat surface.

There’s also an increase level of leverage that comes with a heavy duty stapler. The design of the handle allows users to begin pressing down to create pressure before the mechanism actually engages with what is being stapled. This gives the average person enough power to bind together large documents even if they may not consider themselves to be overly strong. 

Ergonomics also come into play when looking at a heavy duty stapler for the office. Some staplers have a flat handle. Others have a curved handle to help fit into the palm of the hand more effectively. If you plan on high volume use of your new heavy duty stapler, then investing into a brand which offers some ergonomic features can save you some pain in the wrists, elbows, and shoulders later on.

The Advantages of a Heavy Duty Stapler

Let’s face it: some stapling jobs need a little more force and power than others do. If you need to staple large documents together, thicker materials like fabric, or even laminates or plastics, then the old-fashioned manual office stapler isn’t going to be strong enough to power through the job. That’s when you’ll need a heavy duty stapler to step up to the plate and get to work.

Heavy duty staplers are perfect for large projects as well. If you have a final summary that needs to be perfect or you’re trying to affix thicker materials to corkboard, cardboard, or other materials, then the penetrating power of a heavy duty stapler is going to help you get the job done effectively. You’ll want to pay close attention to the number of sheets each stapler is rated to fasten for the best results here. A stapler that can fasten 200+ sheets will give you more versatility than a stapler rated at 80 sheets.

Then there’s the comfort factors to consider. Your hands can become sore very quickly when a heavy duty stapler isn’t performing as it should. Repetitive stapling under these conditions can lead to soreness, fatigue, and even injuries. The best heavy duty stapler is going to help maintain productivity levels by providing an efficient performance that is supportive of the workers. Look for nonslip covers and antimicrobial surfaces for the best results in this category.

The Types of Heavy Duty Staplers

When shopping for heavy duty staplers, you’ll quickly notice that there are manual and electric versions that are readily available today. Deciding on which type is best for you often depends on the volume of stapling work that is required. High volume settings can benefit greatly from the investment into an electric heavy duty stapler. The average office, however, may never need to use an electric stapler in this category because they only use their manual heavy duty stapler a few times per week.

Heavy duty staplers may also be made from high grade plastic, be all metal in design, or be a hybrid of these two. Metal staplers in this category tend to be the most expensive, but they also tend to be the most durable. Brands like Rapid, Swingline, and Bostitch offer scalable models based on your needs so you can always purchase the right amount of stapler that you’ll need to get the job done.

What Are the Prices of Heavy Duty Staplers?

Electric heavy duty staplers carry the greatest prices in this category. You can find premium models having a price point that exceeds $400 with some brands. That’s a pretty hefty investment for a single office tool, but it can also replace up to 10 regular heavy duty staplers with its performance. In a long-term perspective, the costs are about the same.

For the manual heavy duty staplers, prices tend to begin around the $35 mark and go up from there. Some models are offered below this price, but beware of plastic components that may not live up to the wear and tear you plan to put on the tool. The average price for a good heavy duty stapler online today is about $50 and this will let you staple between 60-80 sheets. For units that staple 150+ sheets, expect to pay at least $100.

Final Words

The best heavy duty stapler reviews will help you take control of the paperwork in your office. If you love being organized, then any of these staplers will help you to make sure your job is done more effectively every day.

It’s a small investment, but a large return, and that’s why a heavy duty stapler is always a good idea.

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