What is a crown stapler used for – crown stapler overview

What Is A Crown Stapler Used For: Best Helpful Guide
27 Jan

What is a crown stapler used for – crown stapler overview

Do you need a crown stapler? What is a crown stapler? How do you use a crown stapler?

If you have any questions about a crown stapler, you have opened the right article.

what is a crown stapler used for

What is a crown stapler?

A crown stapler is a gun that sticks staples into wood, plastic, corrugated board, etc. The tool is named after the staple that it runs.

The crown stapler has two legs connected by a lintel made of a material called a crown, hence the name.

The lower part of the legs has sharp tips, known as chisel edges, which allow the stapler to penetrate the wood.

Why is it called a crown stapler?

Some people think that it is called a crown stapler because it looks like a crown when you turn the stapler upside down. Another hypothesis is those crown staplers are used to cast crowns on walls.

Narrow crown stapler

If you have ever assembled any furniture yourself, you could have probably noticed that the shelves are almost falling apart. The back of this furniture is thin and fastened with small studs on the ankles.

Professional stores, which make custom and high-end furniture, use this method to strengthen their cabinets. For fastening the backrest, it is recommended it use narrow crown staplers. Narrow crown staplers are ideal to help assemble any part of cabinets and case-style furniture that won’t be seen, such as attaching the backs.

A crown stapler is a gun, which uses crown staples. Meanwhile, brad nailer uses nails.

What does crown mean on a staple?

A crown is a type of fastener typically made of metal and used to hold two or more pieces of material together. A crown on a staple is a type of crown specifically designed for use with a staple gun.

Crown staplers are frequently made of steel or aluminum and have sharp teeth that can penetrate thick materials. The crown of a staple is attached to the back of the staple and extends on top of the weapon.

Can you use crown stapler for trim?

A Crown stapler, as the name suggests, uses staples to hold objects together. The “crown” refers to the upper part of the splint between the longer legs, which penetrates the material to be joined. The crown stapler can vary in size, both in the size of the frame and in the width of the crown.

Usually, the width of the crown is called narrow, medium, and wide crown staples. The width of the crown stapler is mainly related to the length and width of the leg, which provide a holding capacity.

Types of crown stapler

Crown stapler has come a long way, and now there are different staples to choose from. There are different crown staplers to consider: medium crown staplers, narrow crown staplers and wide crown staplers.

Narrow crown stapler

Narrow crown staples are best used for finishing, fabric, and light frames.

They do not necessarily need to be used in combination with glue to have a good holding capacity.

The hole, however, can be a problem. So if you use a stapler with a narrow head to apply the finish, you will need to close it again with putty or other filler.

Medium crown stapler

Such crown stapler provides greater fixation but can cause more damage to the surface of the material during insertion due to their larger size. Crown stapler of medium size can be used for a wide range of applications, including floor foundation, siding, and plywood cladding.

Wide crown stapler

Wide crown stapler should be reserved to perform heavy-duty, such as construction applications: house wrapping, farm construction, and roofing. In most cases, the place of penetration will be hidden, so the hole from the crown of the paper clip will not be noticeable.

What is the difference between a stapler and a crown stapler?

A crown stapler is a special tool for fixing decorative moldings, baseboards, and other decorative details. It has a long, narrow spout, which helps not to damage the decorative details when pricking.

For these tasks, you can use a regular stapler, but it is not so easy to maneuver, and it can damage the cutting parts.

Crown stapler vs. brad nailer

When selecting between a crown stapler vs. a brad nailer, you should think of the application you have planned to do. The wood or material type dictates the need for either a crown or a brad nailer, as well as whether you plan to keep the wood pieces fixed permanently.

How crown stapler vs. brad nailer work

A crown stapler is designed like a nail gun, a unit that drives nails into different materials, for example, wood.

Crown staple guns work practically the same way as nail guns. It basically pushes the staples into the materials. But unlike the stapler you have on your office desk, the staples will not wrap from below, but go straight in.

The crown stapler is designed to hold materials that are much thicker and stronger than paper.


As a rule, these are very different tools that have a somewhat similar design.

A crown stapler is ideal for attaching fabric to wood, and a brad nail with a handle is ideal for applying wood to wood.

​​The brad nailer is more versatile, while a crown stapler is much more specialized.​​​ It all comes down to deciding what kind of holding force you need and how visible you want the clamp or nail to be. We hope this will help you choose which tool is best suited for your crafts.

A brad nailer offers a different approach than a crown stapler.


There is one important thing to consider: the crown stapler has nothing to do with crown molding. If you try to secure molding to the walls, then a crown stapler won’t help. You should use a brad nailer instead.

How do you use a narrow crown stapler?

If you want to learn how to use narrow crown staples, foremost, understand that they work just like a finishing nail. To make it work, you align the nose of the tool, press it to the workpiece, and pull the trigger.


Wide, medium and narrow crown staples are widely used in working with wood, furniture, and construction. The most common use of a crown stapler is working with furniture upholstery.


In addition to that, you can also use a crown stapler to laminate thin strips of wood together and then bend them for use on chairs. While the strips are glued together, you can better secure them with a crown stapler as the glue dries.


Another common use of a crown stapler is to secure the backs of photo frames to hold both the image and the protective glass in place. Crown staples provide sufficient depth to secure the seams at the back, providing excellent fastening strength without compromising the appearance.

It is recommended to use a crown stapler instead of a gun to make picture frames.


In addition, you will see crown staplers used to create or repair cabinets and drawers. In fact, you may be surprised at the number of uses found with this tool until you start to actually use it.

Sums up

A crown stapler is a tool that offers you an inexpensive way to attach material to wood and plastic. A crown stapler is very suitable for mounting cabinets, bookshelves, drawers, or other assemblies. If you need to hold the thin sheet material in place, a crown stapler will probably save you both time and money.

Crown stapler is used in a variety of applications. However, it leaves large holes behind due to the crown. As a result, the crown stapler is best used in places where the appearance either doesn’t matter, or the hole can be hidden.

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What is the difference between a crown stapler and a finish stapler?

The difference between a crown stapler and a finish stapler lies in their staple types and intended applications. Crown staplers use staples with a wide crown, ideal for heavy-duty tasks like carpentry and upholstery. Finish staplers use narrow crown staples for precise and delicate finishing work, such as trim installation and furniture assembly.

What is a standard crown staple?

A standard crown staple refers to a type of staple commonly used in construction and carpentry for fastening materials together. It typically has a crown width of 3/8 inch and is available in various lengths to suit different applications.

What are the benefits of using a crown stapler?

Using a crown stapler offers several advantages, including quick and efficient fastening, a strong and secure hold, versatility for various materials and applications, and the ability to work in tight spaces where other fastening methods may be impractical. Additionally, crown staplers can help reduce fatigue and strain on the user compared to manual staplers.

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