Who makes Metabo tools: Q&A

Who makes Metabo tools: Q&A
19 Jan

Who makes Metabo tools: Q&A

Who makes Metabo tools? The confusion about the origin and manufacturer of Metabo power tools was especially common a few years ago when a rebranding took place. The ownership has changed not once over the years which affected many aspects. Luckily it was not the quality. The instruments remain appreciated and used among both professional builders and laymen.

Who makes Metabo tools: Q&A
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Let us dive a little into their history and find out who manufactures them and what makes them so unique.

Metabo tools history

The identification problem arises from several business decisions made. Companies combine and separate, change names and owners, and open new plants and subsidiaries.

Let us help you figure out how it all concerns Metabo tools and find the answer to the key question of this article and hopefully many others.

To cover the key history events of the brand we know today we will need to tell the story of two companies – Metabo and Hitachi, as they existed independently from each other until 2016.


It all began a hundred years ago when the company named Metabowerke GmbH was founded in Germany. Just like the company’s name the business was first based on manufacturing hand drills.

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By the 1930s the tools were sold not only around Germany but internationally as well and the product line was expanding as well.

Having survived the difficulties and destructions in the years of war under the modified name of Metabowerke Closs, Rauch & Schnizler KG, the company continued growing.

It entered the 21st century with its own building in the industrial district and by that time had bought three woodworking machines making companies.

Metabo Group became one of the two largest manufacturers of woodworking fixed-site equipment.

In the 2000s Metabo changed its focus to small power tools and soon the new plant in Shanghai started its work. Besides hand drills, there are tools such as electric screwdrivers, angle grinders, and batteries among the products Metabo works on. The brand provided power tools of the highest power at the time – 1700 W.

And then Metabo meets Hitachi.


Hitachi Ltd.’s foundation goes back to 1910. It comes from Japan. At the beginning of its journey, the company produced motors used in copper mining.

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When in 1937 the plant in Totsuka began its work it launched the business of power tools production. The plant becomes Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd.

In approximately forty years its sales subsidiary appeared in Germany and the production opened in Singapore.

Soon after that Hitachi Koki gave the world cordless power tools. In the 80s its subsidiaries spread across Europe and the USA, and in the 90s – worldwide.

More Hitachi products appear on the market such as rotary hammers, disc grinders, energy-saving motors, impact drivers, and others. By 2016 they bring multiple awards for technology achievements to the company.

And then it meets Metabo.

From 2016 to nowadays

It was the year when Hitachi acquired Metabo and made it a German subsidiary. Since then they have worked as one.

The next yearHitachi Koki Co., Ltd. became Koki Holdings Co. Ltd. It started functioning as a part of HK Holdings Co., Ltd. owned by an investment firm named Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

From 2016 to nowadays
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In 2018 the new owner decided to change the brand name, so from that moment well-known Hitachi tools are referred to as Metabo HPT.

Nowadays, Metabo (as part of Koki Holdings, no longer owned by Hitachi group) is a medium-sized company working worldwide. Some Metabo products are still made in Germany as well as in Shanghai, but most Metabo tools are produced in the USA.

In conclusion of this part, we will say a few more words about brand names to help avoid confusion.

You might wonder why Metabo tools go under two brands: Metabo and Metabo HPT.

Metabo with an additional HTP abbreviation is a brand distributed mostly around the United States of America. There is an exception for some particular tools though such as angle grinders for example.

HTP stands for “Hitachi Power Tools” and represents the combined effort of the two companies that earned their significance in the power tools industry.

Metabo branded tools cover other regions and their range also differs from Metabo HPT tools. The important thing to remember is that those two brands are not completely compatible with each other. For example, their cordless products’ battery systems differ.

You should not worry though, no matter which brand covers your area you can be sure that it provides tools of great quality.

Despite all the flattering characteristics of Metabo, it is not the largest producer. The first positions in a rating are held by Bosch and Makita.

Metabo HPT on the other hand closes the top-5 list along with other Koki Holdings Co. Ltd. brands.

Product lines

It is important to stress that the manufacturer promises the same quality and tool compatibility as before rebranding. Each tool still comes with a three-year warranty and safety features.

Product lines
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For those who are not yet familiar with the range Metabo offers and what makes Metabo tools good, we will briefly observe the product line.

Metabo manufactures a variety of products, so the customers can choose what is suitable for the materials they work with. The options are:

  • Metalworking tools
  • Wood processing tools
  • Concrete, stone, and plaster processing products

For all of those Metabo manufactures cordless tools such as drills, screwdrivers, paddle switch angle grinders, hammer drills, and different kinds of saws.

Metabo cordless power tools also include equipment for gardening and all-purpose vacuum cleaners.

There are also corded and semi-stationary Metabo tools, for example, mitre and circular saws, impact drivers, and rotary and chopping hammers.

Due to the kind of work done by a power tool, its wear parts need to be changed from time to time. Such accessories are also available in the range of Metabo HTP products and include:

  • drill bits for concrete, metal, and wood
  • saw blades of different kinds
  • cutting and grinding disks
  • nailers and staplers

Metabo batteries and battery chargers are worth mentioning as well.

The packs offered are well known for providing good output and durability. Besides that, one of the most important features is that batteries are interchangeable and can be charged with any charger provided by Metabo HPT.

Metabo brand provides a very similar choice but mostly specializes in metal processing products:

  • metal shears
  • nibblers
  • bevelling tools
  • grinders
  • polishers
  • metal saws

Keep in mind that batteries produced by the brand Metabo will not be suitable for the HPT line.

Most Metabo tools fall under the category of professional-grade power tools and they truly are highly valued among skilled specialists.

However, a lot of the instruments can be just as useful around the home like for example cordless tools.

We suggest taking a closer look at what makes Metabo tools good and why professionals and home users should consider these products among other brands.

What’s so great about Metabo?

The Metabo slogan “durability first” speaks for itself. It is proven that these power tools last longer than many and are designed to be used daily.

What's so great about Metabo
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The things that ensure durability include high-quality raw materials and components to start with. Engineering and manufacturing processes come next.

At all of those steps, the Metabo HPT products meet and exceed expectations and there are many records to prove that. The manufacturer is responsible for a great number of achievements and advanced technology integration in the power tools industry.

Metabo tools are also highly valued for their safety to users.

A power tool can be a potential hazard due to its speed, sharpness of components, and capacity.

Metabo did its best to integrate safety features into its products such as restart protection, dust resistance, paddle switch, and brake technology.

Restart protection for example does not take responsibility off the user but prevents a good percentage of harmful accidents.

Besides mentioned above it is fair to mention Metabo batteries once again. Cordless products could not exist without long-lasting and rechargeable batteries.

Metabo offers the ones that can provide the same power and duration as a cord would.

Additionally, any battery can be used in any power tool and can be charged with all the chargers from the manufacturer’s product lines.

The last but not the least is the warranty period.

Metabo household tools and professional-grade power tools come with a three-year warranty while many other brands only provide one year of free-of-charge service.

Considering all the above, it is hard to dispute the advantages of Metabo tools.

Can there be a reason to choose other brands over Metabo tools though? Let’s see in the next section.

Things to consider before choosing Metabo

The reasons against buying Metabo tools are much shorter in number than the ones for. There is basically just one aspect that needs to be thoroughly analyzed and this is cost-efficiency.

As we mentioned earlier, Metabo tools are designed for long-term and daily usage.

If you are looking for a tool for occasional home repairments on not demanding materials, you might find that Metabo products are a bit over-engineered and overpriced for such purposes.

Things to consider before choosing Metabo
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Of course, the market is full of options that are just as capable of fulfilling your needs and will cost you less.

All we recommend here is to estimate your requirements carefully and realistically to not exceed your budget for the features you will never put to use.

There are cheaper solutions for home keepers represented in such brands as Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee, and others. Those manufacturers are also well-known and highly appreciated in the industry.


Are Metabo and Hitachi the same?

Hitachi power tools were rebranded. After Hitachi acquired Metabo, the whole division was sold to an investment firm and new management decided to change the brand name.
The tools are manufactured and sold as Metabo HPT products. They are still of the same quality level, have the same features, and are extremely powerful as they were before the rebranding.
Metabo tools though did not change their name. So if you compare Metabo HTP and Metabo tools, you will find that they have their differences, from the battery systems they use to the regions they are distributed in.

Are Metabo tools good quality?

Metabo tools provide one of the highest quality you can find.
They are famous for their durability, safety, useful features, and great power. Besides that, you can enjoy a longer warranty period of three years which proves that the manufacturer takes responsibility for its products.
Tools range differ in materials they are used for such as metal, wood, concrete, or stone. There are cordless, corded, and semi-stationary options both for professional usage and home maintenance.

Are Metabo tools still made in Germany?

Some Metabo tools are made in Germany. However, the majority of them are manufactured in the USA and partially in Shanghai, China.

Is Metabo a Chinese company?

Metabo was originally a German company acquired by Koki Holdings Co., Ltd., which is headquartered in Japan. Metabo though is a part of an American affiliate.
However, some amount of Metabo products are manufactured in Shanghai, China.

Brief resume

The answer to the question “Who makes Metabo tools” might appear not that easy. On the other hand, it is not that surprising for a hundred-year-old history and multiple business solutions of this period to complicate things a bit.

Metabo started as a German producer of tools and operated as such until 2016. Then it joined an American brunch of Japanese Koki Holdings Co., Ltd.

Therefore, Metabo tools can be considered as German-American-Japanese also with partial production in China.

What is more significant, Metabo tools are known and purchased worldwide due to their exceptional quality and highly valued features.

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