The Top 8 Stapler Pop Culture References

The Top 8 Stapler Pop Culture References
21 Jan

The Top 8 Stapler Pop Culture References

Staplers have become more than just a useful tool. They have become an icon of pop culture. We all have our favorite stapler references that we’ve seen in movies, television, books, and other forms of entertainment. Will your favorite top stapler pop culture references make this definitive list? Read on and find out!

#1. Office Space

“I believe you have my stapler.” It would become a quote that would send the character Milton Waddams into the stratosphere of cult popularity. His character from this 1999 movie would become a meme before memes were even thought about as a way to communicate with one another. The character with his red Swingline stapler was so popular, in fact, that Swingline had to produce a red stapler to meet the demands of the movie’s fans because they didn’t have one on the market at the time.

The lesson learned here is two-fold: don’t take a man’s stapler and if you do, expect him to burn down the office building to get it back.

#2. Ted 

There are a number of Easter eggs that can be found in this movie. From Alf references to 80’s references to Flash Gordon, there are a number of fun things to find. One that will bring you a good laugh is having Ted’s ear being stapled back on thanks to the efforts of a red Swingline stapler. Some say its a homage to Office Space. Others think it’s just a cheap laugh. Either way, it’s another reason to watch this movie one more time.

#3. VeggieTales

Larry the Cucumber is known for singing “silly songs.” In this instance, however, he’s known for singing “obscure Broadway show tunes.” In a duet with Petunia, this song offers a beautiful love story about long lost staplers. “What happened to our paper clips?” is a deep question to ask – and who doesn’t feel sad about stick-it pads losing their stick? This song is part of the video Pistachio – The Little Boy That Woodn’t.

#4. Vince Staples 

Ok – maybe this isn’t about staplers, but how can an artist named Vince Staples not make this list? One of his top hits is “Blue Suede” and you might want to make sure the volume is turned down when you first start the song. The e-music will set your hears howling if you’ve got everything turned up to 11.

#5. The Swingline Bench 

You probably haven’t heard of Emily Mackevicius unless you’re a big fan of staplers and art, but this MIT student created a bench that looks remarkably like a stapler. She even has plans in place to turn it into a functional stapler. As part of her class project, she even requested permission from Swingline to include their logo onto the bench. What color did she paint it? Red – of course!

#6. Baptiste Debombourg 

You probably haven’t heard of this French artist either, but when you see his work you’ll remember his name for a lifetime. You see, Debombourg doesn’t use acrylics or oil paints for his paintings like your average artist does. He creates murals by only using staples. This gives his work a unique three-dimensional feeling that is unique to the medium.

#7. Peter Root 

If you see artwork in architecture, then you’re going to love the work of this German artist. Instead of creating paintings with staples, Peter Root has found his niche in the art world by creating stunning miniature cityscapes with the use of metal staples. One of his works, called “Ephemicropolis,” contains over 100k free-standing staples and measures 20×10 feet in size. The precision required of his art is just the same as any other form of art that is practiced in the world today.

#8. Jac Zagoory 

It’s not just staples that can create works of art. The staplers or the staple removers can also be crafted into amazing things. This design agency creates amazing things out of ordinary office supplies. Imagine having a giant gorilla helping you to pull staples out of your paperwork. Maybe you’d love to have a stapler in the form of an eagle, a bull, or even a dragon. Look for new works by this boutique firm at local art shows all along the East Coast.

Staplers may be a useful tool, but when placed in the right hands, they can also create untold amazing things. What are your favorite pop references to staplers? Share yours below if it didn’t make this list to make sure it is included.

Certainly! Here are some general questions related to staplers and pop culture references:


Why do staplers often appear in pop culture references?

Staplers are common office supplies that many people encounter daily, making them relatable objects for comedic or symbolic purposes in pop culture. Additionally, their simple design and functionality make them easy to incorporate into various narratives.

What are some other notable pop culture references to office supplies besides staplers?

Apart from staplers, other office supplies like pens, paper clips, and sticky notes have also been featured in pop culture references. For example, the “Post-it Note War” scene in the film “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” highlights the playful use of sticky notes in an office setting.

How do pop culture references to office supplies reflect broader themes or societal attitudes?

Pop culture references to office supplies often reflect themes related to work culture, bureaucracy, and individual expression. They can serve as commentary on workplace dynamics, corporate absurdity, or the mundane aspects of daily life.

Do stapler pop culture references vary across different countries or cultures?

Yes, pop culture references to staplers and office supplies can vary depending on cultural context and regional influences. While some references may be universally recognized, others may be specific to certain countries or cultural traditions.

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