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14 Jun

Review: Arrow Fastener PT50 Pneumatic Staple Gun (2023)

Are You In A Hurry? Arrow Fastener PT50 Pneumatic Staple GunOur Rating Check Price Click here to check the latest price and checkout the reviews What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?There’s a lot of good stuff to love with the Arrow Fastener PT50 pneumatic staple gun. It’s not a commercial grade staple gun, so it […]
25 Dec

Review: Textol Systems Heavy Duty Staple Gun

Most of the time a cheap staple gun is something you’re going to want to avoid. “You get what you pay for” is a common piece of advice, right? The Textol Systems heavy duty staple gun might just be the exception to that rule. Retailing for less than $10 online in some instances, this adjustable […]
14 Dec

Review: Roberts 10-600 120v 15 Amp Electric Stapler

When it comes to electric staple guns, the results can sometimes be hit or miss. Sometimes the value-priced staple guns can outperform those that are marked as being construction-grade staplers. For the Roberts 10-600 120v 15 amp electric stapler, there’s a reason why it’s the #1 power construction stapler consistently sold online at different stores. […]
7 Dec

Review: Bostitch Auto 180 Xtreme Duty Automatic Stapler

Do you need to have a heavy duty stapler in your office? Are you looking for a stapler that will make sure your documents look great automatically? The Bostitch Auto 180 Xtreme Duty automatic stapler has several built-in features that you’re going to love. With a capacity of up to 180 sheets of 20 lb […]
4 Dec

Review: Bostitch Impulse 25 No-Jam Electric Stapler

Are you tired of electric staplers that offer you the promise of high capacity use, but fail to deliver? Do you want a reliable stapler created by a reliable brand that will give your home, office, or classroom setting some new life? The Bostitch Impulse 25 has been given this name because it can staple […]
2 Dec

Review: Avalon Fully Automatic Electric Stapler

Do you have high volume stapling needs? Are you tired of your hands and wrists hurting from all of the manual stapling that you’re doing? Then you’re going to love what this Avalon fully automatic electric stapler can do for you. Any administrative environment gets a boost with this stapler as part of your office […]