Review: Stanley TRE550 Electric Staple and Brad Nail Gun (2023)

17 Jun

Review: Stanley TRE550 Electric Staple and Brad Nail Gun (2023)

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Stanley TRE550 Electric Staple and Brad Nail Gun

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Are you looking for a high-powered stapling solution for your next project? Do you want to have a high quality result without a premium price tag? The Stanley TRE550 is a corded electric staple and brad nail gun that will help you finish a number of different projects with ease. It offers a high and low power setting to help you get the best fastening results on a number of different materials while having not a high cost .

We used the Stanley TRE550 for a recent decking project that has to be completed. This deck was a mess. It had been built with untreated wood and the owner had painted it instead of using stain or other waterproofing agents. In just 5 years it had rotted out along the flashing. The entire thing needed to be replaced.

The Stanley TRE550 quickly tacked on the flashing needed for the primary support boards. We used a separate tool for screws to affix the joists to the treated posts and then used this staple and brad nail gun to affix the decking. The 8 foot power cord let us move about reasonably well, but what really stood out was the quick clear mechanism that assists you with jams.

From start to finish, the entire project took 2 days. Without the Stanley TRE550, it would have taken at least an extra 24 hours.

What Could Be Improved With the Stanley TRE550?

We used the thinner decking boards for our project because we were boxing the boards into the frame. If you’re using anything thicker than a 2×4, you might run into performance issues with this electric staple gun. Synthetic decking surfaces are hit and miss as well. This isn’t designed to be a commercial or industrial machine. It’s good for light- to medium-duty DIY uses around the house.

There’s also a slight vibration within the gun itself when you’re pressing down to insert a staple or a brad nail. We guarantee that this is going to cause your first few insertions to not go as deep as you think they’ll be able to go. Once you get used to the operation of the machine, then you’ll be able to finish off projects faster than you could ever believe.

Make sure if you do use an extension cord with this tool that you don’t cause a loss of amperage for the tool. This can cause it to burn out prematurely.

There is a limited lifetime warranty with this staple gun, but keep in mind that any improper use of the tool can invalidate the warranty. It weighs just a little over 2 pounds, so you won’t feel the fatigue that other staple guns can sometimes cause.

For the price, you’re not going to find a more effective staple gun for the money. Add in the fact that it can also use brad nails and the added flexibility can help you get a lot of your chores done. We used this tool to help build a deck. What could you do with the Stanley TRE550 in your hands?

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Stanley TRE550 Electric Staple and Brad Nail Gun

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