The Best Plier Stapler Reviews (2020)

13 Jun

The Best Plier Stapler Reviews (2020)

What are plier staplers? They are a budget friendly tool that offers users a wide variety of options.

You’ll find them suitable for applying tags to items.

They can be used in the packing and shipping industry. Use them for your arts and crafts projects.

Heavy duty options can be used for industrial applications, large brass shipping staples, and fastening a variety of applications with ease.

The best plier stapler reviews will help you locate the right tool to meet your needs today.

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Our Test Winner After 35 + Hours Of Research:

Bostitch Standard 20 Sheet Plier Stapler

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Bostitch Standard 20 Sheet Plier Stapler

Our Rating

The Best Plier Stapler Chart

Because there is such a wide range of options which are available today, it is important to directly compare the features, benefits, and advantages of specific tools.

The chart below is a great place to start because it offers you access to staplers that have a proven track record of success so you can begin the comparison process.

Our Top 5 Best Fence Staple Guns:

1.  Arrow P22 Heavy Duty Plier Type Stapler

2. Rapesco Porpoise Classic Plier Stapler

3. Bostitch B8 Xtreme Duty 45 Sheet Plier Stapler

4. Xyron Teresa Collins

5. Tiny Attacher by Tim Holtz Idea-ology

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Arrow P22 Heavy Duty Plier Type Stapler

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#1. Our Overall Top Pick

Arrow P22 Heavy Duty Plier Type Stapler

Our Rating

The Arrow P22 Stapler is the standard for plier staplers everywhere. It is small and compact enough that virtually anyone can use it, yet it is built like a tank in all of the ways that matter.

You can quickly put together cardboard boxes, staple together paperwork at your remote job site, or tag items at your dry cleaning business with ease.

Stop using tapes, glues, or even clips because that can cause your items to get lost.

Invest into this highly affordable stapler and you’ll own one of the best plier staplers around.

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Rapid Classic 1 Plier Stapler

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#2. Our Top Pick For Beginners

Rapesco Porpoise Classic Plier Stapler

Our Rating

It might cost a little more than your average plier staplers, but the investment is worthwhile to get one of the best-selling staplers of all time - the Rapesco Porpoise Plier Stapler.

You’ll receive a 50 sheet capacity with this stapler and a choice of a variety of finishes to meet your needs.

The most cost-effective option is the chrome plated metal stapler and it’s got classic goodness.

It will take a licking and keep on stapling for you.

Lock the handle down when you’re done for storage, adjust the tension of the stapler as needed, and you will be able to maximize your production.

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Bostitch B8 Xtreme Duty 45 Sheet Plier Stapler

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#3. Runner Up

Bostitch B8 Xtreme Duty 45 Sheet Plier Stapler

Our Rating

Described as being an extreme duty stapler, what we really liked about the Bostitch B8 Xtreme was the soft rubber handle incorporated into the design.

Many plier staplers are made with an all-metal design and that can cut into your hands after prolonged use.

You might experience a little sweat in the palm of your hand with this stapler, but that’s about it.

Fatigue is reduced, pain in the wrists and joints will stay away, and you’re going to get your job done in no time at all.

Want more great Bostitch stapler recommendations? Check out our Best Bostitch Stapler guide here.

Xyron Teresa Collins

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#4. Runner Up

Xyron Teresa Collins

Our Rating

Who says you can’t have a stapler that looks fantastic?

This pink Xyron Teresa Collins stapler offers users an all metal frame so that you get the same dependable performance that other similar staplers provide.

The grip is softer than most and works better for users with smaller hands.

It’s a top-loading design that is easy to access and this stapler uses standard sized staples to get the job done.

If you’re looking for something fun and affordable, this is the design for you.

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Tiny Attacher by Tim Holtz Idea-ology

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#5. Runner Up

Tiny Attacher by Tim Holtz Idea-ology

Our Rating

Do you remember those tiny staplers that kids used to get in their Christmas stockings?

Sometimes they’re still given out as swag at marketing events.

That’s what you’ll think of the first time you see this unique Tiny Attacher plier stapler. It’s made from an enameled metal, so it is going to be durable, but it uses staples that are smaller than your average stapler will use – as small as 1/8 inch.

The magazine holds up to 100 staples at a time.

If you want an affordable stapler that is fun to use and can also be a potential conversation piece, then this is the stapler you’ll want to get today.

As we mentioned earlier, most people need staplers for DIY projects (even if they don't realise it yet) - that's why we have created a guide all about Fence Staple Guns here.

Video Transcript

What Is a Plier Stapler and Why Do I Need One? 

Plier staplers are a lot like your typical office stapler, but with one exception. Instead of having a top lever that is engaged to create the fastening functions, a bottom handle is used instead. This is why the design is referred to as “plier.” The stapler is essentially a handheld tool that can be used to staple sheets of paper, fabric, and cardboard with ease.

Throat depth is not an indication of sheet capacity, however, and this is where most folks get into trouble when shopping within this particular category. It is very possible for a plier stapler with a throat depth of less than 2 inches to have a sheet capacity of up to 45, while a standard throat depth of 2 5/8 inches may not even accommodate up to 20 sheets of paper.

Why invest into this stapler? There are three basic tasks that this design can accomplish better than your standard stapler.

  • You receive more leverage. Instead of pressing down, you’re squeezing this stapler with your hand.
  • You have more access. You can place a staple almost anywhere because it can go places where other staplers fear to tread.
  • You have better security. This type of stapler can seal shut a cardboard box very effectively.

The type of stapler you need in this design is based on the expected use you will have for this tool. Throat depth is an important measurement, with the average plier staplers have 2 5/8 inches of throat depth. Some units have less, while others have slightly more – up to 3 inches. This gives you stability for the stapling process.

How To Find the Best Plier Staplers For Me 

It’s not often something we think about when it comes to staplers, but the actual size of the staple that can be used is an important consideration within this category. Some staples are more suited to penetrate cardboard, while others work better to fasten multiple sheets of paper together.

Many plier staplers will only accommodate one staple size – often the 0.25 inch size. For maximum versatility, look for the best plier staplers that offer 2-3 staple size options.

The type of materials you plan to staple must also play a role in the shopping experience. Stapling ribbons and other fragile materials is different than stapling paper or upholstery. Heavy duty plier staplers have pneumatics or electrical components installed for volume stapling in warehousing and industrial setting.

Think about your needs and then shop for the stapler that will meet the heaviest duty need you have for the best results.

The Advantages of a Plier Stapler

As you go through the best plier stapler reviews, you’ll begin to notice that this stapler design tends to have some unique features that you’ll want to focus upon. One of the most important is the antimicrobial surfaces that some brands include. If multiple workers are sharing the same plier stapler, then germs can quickly pass along with the skin contact.

The antimicrobial surface can help to prevent that from happening, which may prevent needless sick days from being used.

You’ll also notice the importance of an all metal design when you’re using this type of stapler on a regular basis. If you’re in the dry cleaning sector, working as a florist, or setting up retail displays, you’ll find that the precision and ergonomic comfort of all-metal designs tends to be superior when directly compared to the plastic designs that are more affordable.

The most overlooked advantage, however, is the grip that users obtain with this type of stapler. Grip can also be a disadvantage if the handle is too far from the base for the user.

A better grip leads to a better stapling experience and that allows people to move quickly from task to task – something that not every stapler design is able to provide.

What Are the Prices of Plier Staplers Today? 

Plier staplers have three basic price points that are a reflection of the quality each unit provides. Entry-level staplers tend to be in the $20 price range and allow for up to 20 pages in sheet capacity. Some brands may be able to staple through fabrics or cardboard, but most will not with regular success.

The mid-range price point is about $40 for plier staplers and this is where the best values tend to be. At this price, you’ll find antimicrobial surfaces, all-metal construction, longer warranties, and better ergonomics.

At the premium price range you will find the commercial and industrial grade plier staplers. These are generally used for shipping and packaging needs. Environments with extremely high job volumes can also benefit from the upgraded quality that this price point offers.


Here are our top 5 Best Plier Staplers:

  1. Bostitch Standard 20 Sheet Plier Stapler
  2. Bostitch Heavy Duty 45 Sheet Plier Stapler
  3. Rapid Classic 1 Plier Stapler
  4. Tiny Attacher by Tim Holtz Idea-ology
  5. Xyron Teresa Collins

Final Words

The best plier stapler reviews will help you find the best product to meet your current needs. 

Whether it’s the warehouse or you’ve got a home-based business that ships items out periodically because of online purchases, these are the staplers that will help you to get your job done faster and better.

Find the one that can best meet your needs and there will be no limits to what you can create, sell, and ship.

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8 Best Plier Staplers

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