Best Stapler for 50 Pages (2020)

4 Nov

Best Stapler for 50 Pages (2020)

There are staplers of all kinds and designs out there, but the best one for you will depend mainly on what you require. For instance, if you only need a stapler for light jobs and need to bring it with you, the best option for you would be a small portable stapler. Similarly, if you have to staple a lot of pages for the entire day, the best choice for you would be a heavy-duty stapler.

In most cases, all you need is a powerful stapler to get the job done, since your normal stapler may not be adequate for the task at hand. The great thing about a heavy-duty stapler is that you don’t need to worry about the stapling through 100s of sheets of paper appropriately. If you need to staple 50 sheets of paper or more, you’ll need a heavy-duty stapler.

They are mechanical staplers designed to bind thick piles of reports and are amazingly efficient when used in shared workspaces. Anyone working in a job that requires them to staple massive reports is going to benefit from a heavy-duty stapler. There are two main designs for heavy-duty staplers, and that includes:

  1. ​  Saddle staplers – these staple papers along the spine
  2. ​  Flat staplers – these staple papers horizontally

There are various types of heavy-duty staples, and the two most common ones are the heavy-duty cartridge staplers, and the super flat cinch half strip staplers.

Are You In A Hurry?
Our Test Winner After 35 + Hours Of Research:

Topec 3 in 1 Manual Nail Gun

Mr. Pen Heavy-Duty Stapler

Our Rating

Why It's Our Top Pick?

It was not easy but had to pick a winner. For this one, we wanted one that was affordable and user-friendly.

Getting a bang for your buck was another factor that we considered. Our top pick comes with grid points that make it usable straight out of the box. The Logan F500-2 Dual Point Driver Elite is our top pick.

It has adjustable pressure adjustment to allow you to use it on a chosen surface. Whether you are working on a pine picture frame, or on one that is made of oak, the F500-2’s adjustment will help. 

You will find a more detailed review further down.

​Our Top Pick

We understand that most people don’t have the time to go through entire articles and read all the reviews when shopping for heavy-duty staplers for 50 pages. That’s why we have cut right to the chase and highlighted our top pick for a stapler that can easily staple 50 pages of more.

Our top pick is Mr. Pen Heavy-Duty Stapler, which has been designed to handle all your stapling requirements, making it the perfect stapler for use in offices, banks, and colleges.

The best part about the Mr. Pen Stapler is that you get a Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer. If you’re not happy for any reason with the performance, you can have it replaced or get a complete refund. This heavy-duty stapler can staple anywhere from 10 to 100 sheets of paper easily. It features a comfortable design, and the high-strength spring allows you to staple 100 sheets with minimal force.

You should keep in mind that you can only use this stapler with heavy-duty staplers, or else it won’t work properly. There is also a 1000 box of staples that come with the Mr. Pen Heavy-Duty Stapler.

Topec 3 in 1 Manual Nail Gun

#1. Our Overall Top Pick

Mr. Pen Heavy-Duty Stapler

The Mr. Pen Heavy Duty Stapler with 1000 staples is highly rated and a favorite among people who regularly use heavy-duty staplers. It is ideal for use in offices, banks, and colleges as it can easily staple from 10 to 100 sheets in no time. 

The great thing about this heavy-duty stapler is that it doesn’t jam or breakdown, and even if it did, you could take advantage of the Lifetime Warranty.

This means you can return your stapler if it doesn’t perform properly and have your money refunded as well. This heavy-duty stapler is only compatible with heavy-duty staples, so make sure that you have the right kind of staples for it to work properly. The comfortable design of the stapler, along with the high-strength spring allows you to staple 100 sheets in no time and without requiring any force.


  • ​Can staple up to 100 sheets
  • ​Is comfortable to use
  • ​Has a heavy-duty metal construction
  • ​Purchase secured with its lifetime warranty


  • ​Nothing bad about this stapler
Logan F500-2 Dual Point Driver Elite

Swingline High-Capacity Stapler

Our Rating

The Swingline High-Capacity Desk Stapler is one-of-a-kind and brings stability and strength to you for all your daily stapling jobs. It is constructed from a strong metal allowing the stapler to withstand the demands of fast-paced office work. 

The stapler has been uniquely designed for easier stapler of small or large sheets and allows you to streamline your work. You get maximum stapling flexibility with this stapler, so you don’t need to change the staple size or type when stapling between 2 and 60 sheets.

The best thing about the Swingline stapler is that it has a unique shape that ensures 30% less force is required to staple sheets. The stapler delivers high performance stapling for daily paper fastening tasks, and it is reliable enough to withstand the demands of a fast-paced and hard-working environment.


  • ​Durable design
  • ​Secures 60 sheets
  • ​Easy operation, requires less effort
  • ​High-capacity stapler


  • ​There are none, as users have shared no complaints about this stapler
DEWALT DWHTTR350 Dewalt Heavy-Duty Aluminum Stapler

Swingline Desktop Stapler

The Optima 70 desktop stapler is another fine heavy-duty stapler that comes with an ergonomic shape and a soft-feel handle, making stapling 50% easier compared to standard staplers. 

This stapler has a 70-sheet capacity and can staple nearly twice the capacity of standard staplers. The flat-clinch stapling forms staples flat for neater stacking, and stapling refilling is made easy with the quick-load feature.

The Optima 70 stapler requires less force to operate, and this efficiency allows the stapler to fasten more paper with less effort. It gives you more power at your fingertips, as you can cut through 70 sheets with a single press. The stapler features a solid, sturdy, and sleek outer body with a bright orange accent that creates an interesting color contrast.


  • ​Features a soft handle that is easy to grip
  • ​Requires half the effort used for operating a similar stapler
  • ​Uses a double metal stapling mechanism


  • ​Some users have reported incidences where the stapler got stuck
Surebonder 9600B Pneumatic Heavy Duty Standard T50 Type Stapler

Bostitch EZ Squeeze Stapler

The Bostitch EZ Squeeze 75-sheet flat clinch stapler has changed the heavy-duty stapling game, as it combines reduced effort, heavy-duty power, and one staple size requirement all in one design. It has been engineered with the EZ Squeeze mechanism, which reduces stapling effort by more than 50% and gives you an easy one-finger stapling performance. 

The cutting-edge EZ Squeeze mechanism operates quietly and smoothly by eliminating loud, disturbing snapping that is common with other staplers.

The Bostitch EZ Squeeze is the perfect heavy-duty stapler for office use, as its oversized comfort grip helps you staple with comfort. The flat clinch system offers neat paper stacks that need around 45% less filling space, and it has antimicrobial properties and sleek design that will complement any office space.


  • ​Staples up to 75 sheets
  • ​Creates no noise during usage
  • ​Has antimicrobial protection, making it safe for use by multiple users
  • ​Comfort grip and non-skid base


  • ​Some users have complained about parts of the stapler not working properly
Arrow Fastener T50ACD Corded Electric Staple Gun

AmazonBasics Office Stapler with 1000 Staples – Black

The AmazonBasics stapler with 1000 staples is a perfect heavy-duty stapler for office or home use as it gets the job done smoothly. The stapler holds more than 200 staples, meaning that you’ll spend less time reloading and more time on stapling important sheets. 

The AmazonBasics stapler helps fasten ten standard sheets, and you can also open the stapler for tacking.

The modern and durable design of this stapler gives it a professional appearance, and the smooth contours and sleek black finish ensure it won’t look out of place in any setting. This makes the AmazonBasics stapler one of the best choices for shared office spaces that require heavy-duty stapling during the day. There is also a full rubber base that keeps the stapler secure when in use and prevents any slipping or skidding.


  • ​A great choice for shared workplaces
  • ​10-sheet capacity
  • ​Modern and durable design
  • ​Can hold up to 200 staples at a time


  • ​Users had nothing bad to say about this stapler

 Best Stapler for 50 Pages​ Buyer’s Guide

It’s important that you recognize the distinction between heavy-duty staplers and your standard staples, as they may appear to look similar. However, they are vastly different in functionality. To help determine the difference between the two, we are going to share what a heavy-duty stapler looks like. The heavy-duty stapler will have more platform space for resting your materials or stack of sheets that need to be stapled. You get a stable platform, and that reduces the risk of you making mistakes.

There is also more leverage with the heavy-duty stapler as the handles are designed in a manner that helps the user push down to put pressure before the stapler engages with the sheet that is going to be stapled. Ergonomics is a major factor when looking to buy heavy-duty staplers for your workplace, and there are very few staplers that come with a flat handle.

Some have bent handles designed to fit the palm of the user’s hand, and if you’re going to be using your heavy-duty stapler excessively, it’s recommended to buy one that comes with ergonomic features.

Types of Heavy-Duty Staplers

When it comes to the types of heavy-duty staplers that are found in the market, there are essentially two main types. These include manual heavy-duty staplers and electric heavy-duty staplers. 

There are various kinds of heavy-duty staplers you’ll find, and the best type for you will depend on the type of stapling work and the volume of stapling required.

The main use for them is for stapling massive stacks of papers, such as more than 200 pages. Heavy-duty staplers are used extensively in industries and offices where a lot of heavy-duty stapling is required.

Electric Heavy-Duty Stapler

The electric heavy-duty staplers run on battery power or AC power, and these electric models have triggers that don’t require any pressure to work. Most of them are used for tacking staples and nails and can be adjusted to accommodate the fastener length. 

These electric models are more expensive than the manual ones, but you can always find used electric staplers online.

These staplers can drive staples in a minute, but the user needs to squeeze the trigger to drive every staple. They come in various styles depending on their expected use, like extending canvas for artwork or tacking on floors or doors.

Manual Heavy-Duty Stapler

The manual heavy-duty staplers are perfect for offices and home projects and are easily available in a variety of different designs and styles. Most manual heavy-duty staplers require the user to squeeze the handle and use their physical strength, and they are ideal for jobs that don’t require repetitive squeezing. So, if you’re looking to staple around 50 sheets, the manual heavy-duty stapler is ideal.

Important Considerations When Buying Staplers for 50 Pages

Heavy-duty staplers aren’t a major expense, but that doesn’t mean you should buy just about any model that you come across. Irrespective of how much you pay for it, you need to buy the right one for the task at hand, since they do cost money. A solid heavy-duty stapler will save you a lot of time and effort when you’re stapling sheets throughout the day. That’s the reason why we are sharing this buyer’s guide for staplers for 50 pages, so you can understand the types, nuts, bolts, and considerations that go into buying the best stapler for 50 pages.

Do you need a heavy-duty stapler?

If your job requires you to staple thick documents, you would need a heavy-duty stapler as the regular stapler won’t manage to staple the sheets. Heavy-duty staplers come with a spring-loaded mechanism, which will squeeze the level from below, and the head compresses a spring that will recoil quickly and release the tension bars for driving staples into materials. The design improves the capability of the stapler for inserting staples into rigid surfaces in a single push.

Unless you are required to staple more than 50 pages regularly, you don’t need to buy a heavy-duty stapler, because they are generally required for a workplace with lots of paperwork.

Choosing by staple size

One of the most important considerations you need to take when buying a heavy-duty speaker is the size of the staples that come with it. The versatility of the heavy-duty stapler determines its practical value. A heavy-duty stapler that can work with different types of staples is preferred over other options.

The size of the staples (in inches or millimeters) actually shows how tall the tines are, while the crown measurement is the width of the rounded or flat top. Flat-crowned staples are generally intended for use when you’re fastening one surface to another one.

The price

The great thing about shopping for the best stapler for 50 pages is that you don’t need to worry about the price a lot. You don’t need to purchase the most expensive heavy-duty stapler on the market, but in general, manual heavy-duty staplers are less expensive than the electric staplers. You’ll easily manage to find high-quality, heavy-duty staplers for under $30, which can staple more than 100 sheets.

Some heavy-duty staplers come with unique features, and that’s why they may cost you close to $50, but you’re paying for the extra features. There are also some staplers that offer zero performance and are price just as expensively as the best models on the market.


Another consideration you need to know when buying heavy-duty staplers is the warranties that come with them. You’ll find that most heavy-duty staplers come with warranties, and some even provide you with lifetime warranties. To ensure that you’re getting the best warranty, check the online seller’s page before you buy the stapler. So, if you’re choosing between 2 heavy-duty staplers that have identical features, always go for the one that offers you a better warranty.

Shopping online

Online shopping has become the preferred choice for most people to shop for any kind of tool or suppliers for their home or office. Shopping online for heavy-duty staplers provides you with an extensive range of options for types, prices, and styles of different brands. You can easily search different models, read user reviews about models that you like, and make a better choice.

Why get a heavy-duty stapler?

Anyone that has done a fair bit of stapling will realize that there is an immense amount of power and force required for a stapling job. If you need to staple large stacks of papers that have thick materials like plastic or fabric, then using a standard stapler isn’t going to help you finish the job. At this point, your only friend will be a heavy-duty stapler since these are the tasks they are designed to accomplish.

So, if you want to complete a stapling task with impeccable precision and quickly, a heavy-duty stapler is the one you want. When buying one, you need to consider the number of sheets that the stapler is intended to fasten, so you buy one that meets your requirements. For instance, a heavy-duty stapler that can manage 200+ sheets is going to be more versatile than one that can only manage 80 sheets.

You also need to consider the comfort factor for using heavy-duty staplers, because your hands can get sore quickly if the stapler doesn’t execute properly. Dull stapling can lead to several problems, like weakness, soreness, and even wounds on your hands. The best stapler for 50 pages will not only improve productivity levels by being highly effective but will also finish the job quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Even though we’ve tried our best to explain everything about the best stapler for 50 pages, we understand that there are still going to be some questions that we haven’t answered. We will attempt to do that by highlighting some of the frequently asked questions by individuals, shopping for the best staplers for 50 pages. These were our top picks:

How many sheets of paper can I staple?

On average, a heavy-duty stapler can fasten more than 20 sheets at a time, but you should refer to the product manual for the exact sheet capacity of your heavy-duty stapler model.

How do I use the tacking ability of my heavy-duty stapler?

You need to hold the base firmly with one hand and then pull back the top of the stapler with the stapler tray to open it for tacking. Some models have a silver tab on the bottom of the stapler at the back, and all you need to do is press down on that, and it will automatically pop open, allowing you to use it for tacking up papers. You need to be careful and keep your fingers away from the staple ejection gap, so you don’t get injured using the stapler.

Why does my electric stapler keep stalling?

Your electric stapler may be stalling because it is about to run out of battery juice, and it’s time to replace your batteries. Check the product manual for the correct battery type, and never mix old batteries with new ones.

How do you clean a jammed stapler?

All you need to do is open the staple tray and empty out all the good staples. You can use needle-nose pliers, tweezers, or another tool to pull out the jammed staples carefully. The staple may break when it is being removed, and that will mean you need to repeat and remove every piece of the jammed staple.

How can I avoid jamming my stapler?

The best way to avoid your stapler getting jammed is only to use the recommended staple size and type and not simply staple above the stated sheet capacity. Some heavy-duty stapler models come with a Jam-Free Guarantee when used with proper instructions.

Do all staplers load the same way?

Not every heavy-duty stapler is going to load the same way, as some will load from the top, while there are also back-load and front-load models. The front-load staplers have a staple magazine that pops open from the front of the stapler. The back-load stapler models have a staple tray that will be extending from the back of the stapler.

How to load staples in a front-load stapler?

You’ll need to hold the base of the stapler and pull on top of the stapler until it lifts and reveals the stapler tray. Now you need to insert the staples legs first into the tray and push the stapler top down until it clicks into place to close it.

How do I load staples in a back-load stapler?

You need to press down on the button at the back of the stapler, and the stapler tray is going to pop out. Now, hold the base of the stapler steady and pull hard on the staple tray until it comes out fully. Then insert the staples, legs first in the tray, and then push the tray to close.

Can I use standard staples in a heavy-duty stapler?

No. You must never use standard staples in a heavy-duty stapler because a stapler for 50 pages will require heavy-duty staplers, which come in various leg lengths. To find out what staple sizes are compatible with your stapler for 50 pages, please refer to the product manual.


Heavy-duty staplers are versatile fastening tools that are essential for any workplace that requires a lot of paperwork filing with thick files regularly. That’s where a heavy-duty stapler comes into the picture as it allows you to easily staple sheets of paper without jamming. Regular desktop staplers can’t handle that number of sheets and are also prone to getting jammed. If you’re thinking about buying a stapler for 50 pages, you’re going to require a heavy-duty stapler.

We hope that after going through our reviews for the best stapler for 50 pages and checking out the buyer’s guide, you’re more informed about staplers. Hopefully, all your questions have been answered regarding staplers and staple size and anything else related to heavy-duty staplers. So, go out there and shop for the best stapler for 50 pages today. Good luck!

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