Best Heavy Duty Staple Removers (2020)

11 Jun

Best Heavy Duty Staple Removers (2020)

Some staples are pretty easy to remove.

With enough practice, you can even pull them out with your fingers in a pinch.

Other staples are thick and heavy and seem nearly impossible to get out with any tool.

This is where you need to have the best heavy duty staple remover.

Even if you’ve got brass packaging staples to remove, you’ll be able to get the job done pretty effectively thanks to these highly affordable options.

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Our Test Winner After 35 + Hours Of Research:

Swingline Heavy Duty Staple Remover

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Swingline Heavy Duty Staple Remover

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Best Heavy Duty Staple Removers Chart

“Heavy Duty” is often a marketing term that is used to encourage people with high use needs to consider a product.

Some items don’t actually have the quality you’d expect such an item to have.

These heavy duty staple removers do have that quality.

Our Top 5 Best Heavy Duty Staple Removers:

1.  Swingline Heavy Duty Staple Remover

2. Bostitch Heavy Duty Carton Staple Remover

3. Max Heavy Duty Staple Remover

4. Wide Grip Staple Remover

5. Bostitch Easy Staple Remover

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Swingline Heavy Duty Staple Remover

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#1. Our Overall Top Pick

Swingline Heavy Duty Staple Remover

Our Rating

This heavy duty staple remover has a very distinct shape, but the contours do more than just provide a nice aesthetic component for the desk.

It also helps to give you leverage to pull out heavy duty staples.

This design is enhanced with a spring loaded lever handle that gives you even more lifting power.

Swingline has crafted a metal unit with a satin finish so that you can enjoy an overall superior performance.

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Bostitch Heavy Duty Carton Staple Remover

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Bostitch Heavy Duty Carton Staple Remover

If you read the fine print on many heavy duty staple removers, they’ll tell you that they can only handle staples in 15 sheets of paper or work with standard staples only.

The all metal construction of this tough tool can do that and then remove the large carton staples that might be headed your way as well.

It has a nickel-plated finish that is resistant to normal wear and tear as well.

The best feature is the staple shield that protects users from kickbacks that sometimes happen.

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Max Heavy Duty Staple Remover

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Max Heavy Duty Staple Remover

If you have large documents that come your way, then you’re going to need a heavy duty staple remover to take out the fasteners that may be in place.

This particular tool can remove heavy duty staples up to 0.5 inch deep in documents of up to 100-150 sheets.

It also contains a staple shield guard so you won’t get a nasty staple kickback when you’re trying to work a tough fastener loose.

You can use one hand to operate this unit, but it works best to have the other hand stabilizing the working area.

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NT Cutter Carton Open with Staple Remover

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NT Cutter Carton Open with Staple Remover

Shipping and receiving departments need to have versatile tools at the ready because you never know what the day might bring your way.

This particular tool offers cutting and staple removing options so you can process packages faster than ever before.

Replacement blades are included with this product so you’ll be able to quickly cut out strapping, stretch wrap, and other packing materials and then removing the staples to break down the rest of the carton.

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Wide Grip Staple Remover

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Wide Grip Staple Remover

Have you ever been frustrated by a stuck staple that just won’t come out?

This 5 inch staple remover helps to make it easy to remove those tough staples once and for all.

It even works on heavy duty staples. The secret to this remover’s success is the plier-like design of the handles.

This gives users more overall leverage and grip, letting you use your strength as an advantage.

Made from steel with a PVC coated handle, you’ll love what this staple remover can do.

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Bostitch Professional Magnetic Easy Remover2

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Bostitch Easy Staple Remover

If you’re looking for an easy way to remove staples from documents, then this is it.

The magnetic feature of this remover helps you stay in contact with the fastener so there’s less slipping during the removal process.

The ergonomics of this push-style remover also keeps your hand in a comfortable position.

The staple remains with the remover after you get it out as well.

If you’ve never tried the push-style remover before, we highly recommend giving this one a try.

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Swingline Deluxe Staple Remover

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Swingline Deluxe Staple Remover

If you love the traditional staple remover, but you’re tired of all the slipping that happens when you grip a tough staple, then consider giving this one a try.

The ribbed surface helps to keep your fingers in place, as do the slightly flared wings that allow you to place the entire finger on the remover.

The steel jaws have been given a chrome finish for extra durability as well.

You can even remove the miniature staples that are sometimes used with this particular staple remover.

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Sparco Heavy-Duty Staple Remover

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Sparco Heavy Duty Staple Remover

If you want a staple remover than can safely remove staples from almost anything, then this is the tool you’ll want to use.

It works with standard staples and heavy duty ones, so even thick documents can be taken apart when necessary.

The strong metal base isn’t going to slip around on you either, letting you put all your leverage into the task at hand.

The only way to improve on this product would be to have it magnetized so you don’t lose a staple every now and then.

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Sparco 86000 Staple Remover

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​Sparco 86000 Staple Remover

If the traditional stapler remover is what you want, then this is the best option you’ve got right now on the market today.

Make sure that if you’re ordering it on Amazon that you have a qualifying order because the individual price is much better than the 2-pack price.

It’s solid, durable, and gets the job done when you need to remove a staple.

It could benefit from some traction for the fingers on the outside of the unit, but that’s really our only complaint.

Our handy guide to the best Staple Gun For Wood features more great products like this.

Mas Staple Remover

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​Mas Premium Staple Remover

If you’re looking for a fun way to remove staples, consider giving this option a try.

With vibrant covers and the push-style design, you’ll find that this is a much more comfortable staple remover to use.

It will only remove light-duty staples, but sometimes that’s what you need to have. The design is plastic in nature and you can remove 2-3 staples at a time pretty easily.

It doesn’t stand up flat very well when compared to some other models, but you can’t beat the value you’ll receive from this tool.

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The Benefits of the Right Heavy Duty Staple Remover

This is not going to be a tool most people use every day.

It is a tool that can meet some very specific needs. Metal staples, for example, need to be removed from cardboard before it can be recycled. 

Thick documents with binding staples can be processed quicker with this kind of tool in the home or office.

It can also be used to remove staples that were inserted for roofing, fencing, or finish carpentry needs.

The design of the staple remover is what will set each make and model apart from one another. Some of these products have a longer handle with a shorter base to create leverage.

Others reverse that design with a longer base and shorter handle. Sometimes you’ll have a forked head to the staple remover so that it can be used for carpet and upholstery as well.

To cut costs, sometimes you’ll find that heavy duty staple removers are made with plastic instead of metal. Try to avoid this if at all possible. Plastic will degrade under high use conditions when removing large staples and eventually break.

The $5 you’ll save will on the cheaper model will go away when you have to replace it within the year.

Common Problems Seen With Heavy Duty Staple Removers

Like most staple removers, the heavy duty models use a spring to help keep the tool in its proper position.

Using this spring constantly will wear it out over time and it will eventually break.

Others will rip or tear the documents as they remove the staples. Look for models that have a focused design to remove staples from 150+ sheets with a base that won’t shift or slide on the document as you’re working.

What Are the Prices of Heavy Duty Staple Removers?

When shopping online for the best heavy duty staple remover, you’ll find that Sparco makes some models that are priced below $3. Most heavy duty models average a price of around $8-$10 in most instances.

If you’re looking for a model that will work with carpet and upholstery, you may find a top price in this niche of around $30.

Designer models may be priced above this, but that’s because you’re paying for the brand or the artwork on the tool.

The Different Types of Staple Removers

There are two basic types of staple removers that are widely used. The most common is the tool that looks like you’re using vampire fangs to remove the staples.

These four teeth slide underneath the bent part of the staple first to straighten them out.

Then these teeth slide underneath the main bar of the staple to remove it. The entire process takes just a few seconds per staple being removed.

The second option looks more like a metal knife, but without a sharp blade. It slides underneath the main bar of the staple and removes it without the need to straighten it out first.

They store easily with your pens and pencils and don’t have sharp points to them that may cause light injuries like their counterparts.

The advantage of the stapler remover with teeth is that it can remove virtually any type of staple that is used today. Even those large brass box staples that are used for shipping packages can be removed with this tool.

The advantage of the slide remover is that it is much cheaper than most of its counterparts and requires very little effort to use.

If you have small documents that need basic staples removed, the slide remover will likely be your best option. If you have a wide range of staples to remove, however, you can’t go wrong by investing into the best staple remover that has some teeth to it.

The Prices of Staple Removers Today

Staple removers are remarkably budget-friendly today.

There are several options available to you in the $5-$10 range.

Some are so affordable, in fact, that e-commerce sites like Amazon have made them be “add-on” items. This means the site won’t ship out your staple remover unless you make a qualifying order because the cost of the item is so low.

Designer staple removers tend to be priced in the $20 range.​

Be careful about pricing because some listings are for multiple products, while others are only for single staple removers, and you may be charged more per unit in the multiple listing than if you paid for them individually.

Final Words

The best heavy duty staple remover makes life easier. 

Stop fighting with those tough staples by getting yourself a tool that equips you in a better way to get the job done the first time around.

It doesn’t matter how stubborn the staple happens to be. These staple removers will help you win.

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