The Best Electric Staple Gun Reviews (2020)

13 Jun

The Best Electric Staple Gun Reviews (2020)

The best electric staple gun is going to help make fast work out of your chores when it is in your hands.

Even if you do light contracting or handyman work, you’ll find that this is one of the tools you just can’t live without.

You might think you’re saving money by not investing into an upgrade here, but you’ll make more money when you own one of these beautiful machines.

The best electric staple gun reviews will help you find the best tool possible.

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Are You In A Hurry?
Our Test Winner After 35 + Hours Of Research:

Paslode 900078NT Cordless Crown Siding Stapler

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Paslode 900078NT Cordless Crown Siding Stapler

Our Rating

The Best Electric Staple Guns Chart

The problem with fencing is that it can come in a wide variety of materials.

You might need to affix wire to fence posts. You might be using treated wood. Maybe you’re installing cedar fence panels instead.

The bottom line is this: you need a versatile staple gun.

The chart below gives you a look at those that have proven to be useful.

Our Top 6 Best Electric Staple Guns (And Reviews) For 2020:

1.  Paslode Cordless Electric Staple Gun (Best Overall)

2. Duo-Fast Carpet Pro Electric Staple Gun (Best For Carpet)

3. Roberts 10-600 Pro Electric Staple Gun (Best Budget)

4. Stanley TRE550 Electric Staple Gun (Best For Wood)

5. Fasco 0.5 inch Crown Upholstery Stapler (Best For Upholstery)

6. Maestri ME 3G 

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Paslode 900078NT Cordless Crown Siding Stapler

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#1. Our Overall Top Pick

Paslode 900078NT Cordless Crown Siding Stapler

Our Rating

This is the electric staple gun that can tackle almost any task you put in front of it. It offers a 16 gauge experience so you can quickly finish up some of your fencing or flooring chores.

This stapler is also built like a tank, making it suitable to take outside for various construction chores you may have.

Just keep this electric staple gun charged up routinely and you’ll find a satisfying working experience waiting for you whenever it’s time to finish your chores.

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Duo-Fast Carpet Pro Electric Stapler

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#2. Our Top Pick For Beginners

Duo-Fast Carpet Pro Electric Stapler

Our Rating

This electric staple gun has more power than even its design makes you think it has when you get your first impression of this tool.

You can rapidly finish off all of your carpet and flooring needs thanks to the comfortable design and relatively lightweight nature of this tool.

We loved the nickel-plated magazine included with this design because no dust or dirt gets trapped in the chamber, which prevents it from jamming a lot.

It even worked well in cold, damp weather.

Easily one of the best buys in this category.

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Roberts 10-600 120v 15 Amp Pro Electric Stapler

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#3. Runner Up

Roberts 10-600 120v 15 Amp Pro Electric Stapler

Our Rating

This is the electric staple gun you’ll want if your budget is tight, but you still need a hardcore stapling experience.

It offers a 12 foot power cord and holds up to 85 20 gauge staples so you can get your job done quickly.

The hammer mechanism has been heat-treated for greater resilience and the rubber grip actually works to keep your hands from slipping.

It’s a little heavy at 7+ pounds for some users and may not be suitable for heavy duty commercial use, but for those DIY chores around the house?


Our handy guide to the best Staple Gun For Insulation features more great products like this.

Stanley TRE550Z Electric Staple Gun

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#4. Runner Up

Stanley TRE550 Electric Staple/Brad Gun

Our Rating

We used the Stanley TRE550 for a recent decking project that has to be completed.

This deck was a mess. It had been built with untreated wood and the owner had painted it instead of using stain or other waterproofing agents.

In just 5 years it had rotted out along the flashing. The entire thing needed to be replaced.

This tool helped us be able to install the new decking in a full day less than it would have taken with our regular electric staple gun.

We definitely recommend this tool.

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Chicago 3-in-1 Electric Stapler

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#5. Runner Up

Fasco 0.5 inch Crown 20 Gauge Upholstery Stapler

Our Rating

It’s the versatility of this electric staple gun that we really enjoyed. It can fire pin nails, brads, or staples based on what your needs are.

This is particularly useful for finish carpentry work, but there are some other uses where you may find this tool can provide you with some help.

The trigger lock safety is pretty standard for a tool like this and the grip is cushioned to help prevent fatigue fairly well.

The easy loading chamber is more than just a marketing term as well – this tool really is fun and easy to use.

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What Makes a Good Electric Staple Gun? 

The first feature you should look at with the best electric staple gun is how easy it is to use. Staple guns need to be well-balanced in order to be useful. If they are too heavy in the front or back, then you’ll feel a lot of fatigue in your forearms and this eventually leads to difficulties in using the tool.

Ease of operation includes weight, cord length, and trigger pressure in addition to balance.

Electric staple guns should also be heavy duty enough that they can handle most jobs that come up around the house. You should be able to take them virtually anywhere on your property to finish off a chore that needs to get done. Fencing and roofing are common, but you can use the best electric staple gun for some decking needs, flashing, soffits, and even interior applications from time to time.

The design of the best electric staple guns is also something that must be considered. This tool has evolved to provide users with the ability to use brads and nails in addition to what would be considered the standard staple. Only the best electric staple gun reviews can help you sort out the products that have adaptability and those that do not.

A final feature to consider is the safety switch. Because this tool offers a high-powered firing experience, the lack of a safety switch makes this tool unsafe in many different situations.

Always invest into a staple gun with a safety to avoid accidental misfirings that could hurt you or someone you love.

How To Find the Best Electric Staple Gun For Me

Using the best electric staple gun reviews will help you to find certain features and advantages that belong to each make and model of this tool. Because some electric staple guns are portable in nature, for example, you’ll need to look for a product that offers a strong and long battery life.

You may also want to look for quick-charging features to prevent downtime.

Cost is also an important determination in the shopping process. Electric staple guns tend to be priced higher than any of their manual or pneumatic counterparts, so seeing each tool’s features, dependability, and longevity ratings can help to prevent the purchase of a lemon.

How you intend to use your new electric staple gun must also factor into the shopping experience. If you’re looking to do finish carpentry with your tool, like installing molding or trim around your door jamb, then you’ll need a tool with finesse.

If you’re looking to meet roofing or fencing repair needs, you’ll want something that’s a little more heavy-duty in construction - read our fencing staple gun reviews here.

The Different Types of Electric Staple Guns


You have two options when it comes to finding the best electric staple gun today: corded or battery-powered. Each has certain advantages and disadvantages which must be considered during the shopping process.

  • Advantages of corded staple guns. This tool has consistent power. Many are built to accommodate multiple staples, brads, or nails. They plug into standard outlets.

  • Disadvantages of corded staple guns. Commercial-grade extension cords are often needed to prevent amperage drops that can burn-out the tool. Their high-powered design creates a higher risk of injury compared to manual staple guns.

  • Advantages of battery-powered staple guns. This tool can go anywhere. They are lightweight and well-balanced, even with the battery in place. Many offer a large enough charge that will get you through most of the day without needing a new charge.

  • Disadvantages of battery-powered staple guns. They tend to be under-powered when compared to their corded counterparts. You eventually need to charge its battery, forcing you to either buy multiple battery packs or stop working altogether while you wait for it to recharge. 

You’ll also see some different terms used to describe these two types of electric staple guns. Some are described as being a crown siding staple gun or a carpet and flooring staple gun. Others are designed for upholstery. The important stat to look at here isn’t the description, but the gauge that the staple gun uses. Powered staple guns need to use a minimum 3/8” gauge to be effective. 

If you want a multi-use tool, look for an electric staple gun which offers multiple gauge options. The best tend to offer a range of 0.75 inches to 2.00 inches and beyond.

What Are the Prices of the Best Electric Staple Guns?

Shopping online for a new electric staple gun is going to give you a pricing advantage. Some makes and models are just 60% of their retail MSRP at e-commerce sites.

This means you can often find a high quality tool for around $150. Some of the best options with heavy-duty features may be priced upwards of $350, especially if you need a high-powered cordless option.

Keep in mind that some electric staple guns with cordless options which may or may not include the battery or charger with the tool. Read each of the best electric staple gun reviews carefully to make sure you get everything you need for your upcoming project.


Here are our top 5 Best Electric Staple Guns:

  1. Duo-Fast Carpet Pro Electric Stapler
  2. Ryobi P360 18v Airstrike Crown Stapler
  3. Bostitch 3 Tool Compressor Kit
  4. Paslode Cordless 16 Gauge Stapler
  5. Roberts 10-600 120v 15 Amp Pro Electric Stapler

Final Words

The best electric staple gun reviews will help you find the perfect tool for your next project. 

Stop damaging your fingers and everything else and get a reliable power stapler today. There’s no better way to create a clean and professional end result.

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