Review: Stanley TR250 Sharpshooter Plus Heavy Duty Nail Gun

17 Jan

Review: Stanley TR250 Sharpshooter Plus Heavy Duty Nail Gun

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Stanley TR250 SharpShooter Plus Heavy-Duty Staple

Stanley TR250 Sharpshooter Plus Heavy Duty Nail Gun

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Have you found that most heavy duty manual staple guns tend to be a bit too bulky for your hands? Do you find it difficult to depress the lever on a handheld staple gun with just one hand? If so, then the Stanley TR250 might just be the perfect staple gun for you. It’s ease of use, and lightweight nature.

Does being lightweight compromise the scope of work this staple gun can accomplish? Does the “easy squeeze” lever create a fastening experience that won’t leave staples flush with your working surfaces? Our testing of this product will answer these questions and a few more.

Q: Does “lightweight” mean “light duty” with this staple gun?

A: No. The Stanley TR250 is built with aircraft grade aluminum so the housing is just as durable as if it were an all-steel construction. This is combined with a flush nose design that gives your pressure more leverage in driving the points of the staple into your preferred material. Complimented by the all-metal drive channel, it is surprisingly easy to use for almost anyone.

Q: Are there limits to the Stanley TR250’s capabilities?

A: Every manual staple gun has certain limits. The TR250 isn’t going to tack into metal, concrete, and certain hardwoods very well. What it can do is help you to quickly tack up items in hard-to-reach places where other staple guns are unable to go. Think insulation within a wall or siding paper near roof flashing and you’ll have an idea of what this staple gun can do.

Q: Does the Stanley TR250 offer more than just stapling as a fastening option?

A: Yes. We had great success in testing the TR250 with wire tacking chores and using it as a brad nailer. It’s best performance came from wire tacking, while it’s weakest performance comes from heavy duty work you might need to get done. It will easily staple wire to a fence post. It isn’t going to attach a cedar board to a fencing frame.

Q: Are there different staple options that actually work with the Stanley TR250?

A: We found that there were two good types of staples that worked with this particular staple gun. The best results were from the Arrow T-50s or the Stanley TRA700’s. Generic staples that were marketed to work in units that accepted those staples would also fire, but they also tended to jam more often than the brand name staples.

Q: Does the Stanley TR250 come with any additional options?

A: You do have access to a power lever, letting you set the stapler to accommodate softer or harder materials more effectively. You can also lock the handle down when not using it so it can be stored safely. There’s a viewing window which allows you to see how close you are to needing a refill on your fasteners. Although these additional options are somewhat basic when compared to other makes and models, it still does a relatively good job. 

For the cost of this staple gun, the Stanley TR250 does a remarkably good job. We wouldn’t hesitate to use it again for another project and that’s why it receives our recommendation.

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What Are Others Saying?

Stanley TR250 Staple Gun Review and Test

Video Transcript

for another review here I buy a Stanley staple gun heavy-duty staple gun that’s 20 bucks again for 598 and I also got the state post-world it’s a thousand staples here is one is for 1/2 1/2 I don’t want is create a millimeter twelve millimeter arrow t 50s tablet Bram so shooter and this was supposed to be up to Jam so I’m gonna open it up a test it yes it says here internal wire guide don’t know what that means and the model of this one is a TR 12 TR 250 okay TR 250 2 5 0 let’s open it up and try it try it on something maybe my forehead see okay get a staple out I’m gonna staple gun up and functions here there’s a cable tracker application this one here I have no idea what it’s for so and there’s a guy there 5 millimeter 10 million 14 or inches here 1/4 3/8 and 1/2 and the back it’s a high low feature the power switch in the back of the state controls the high low drive features for here and there’s a lock right here so if you’re not using it you lock it with the hinge right there ok then if you want to use it you release that and you get that okay and to put the staple in there you push this up it flows back you can put staple in here and I put a 3/8 here okay putting a 3/8 staple in here upside down okay luck it okay let’s try it on something okay I’m in the backyard again and here’s just the use of water here it’s a one bite feels stick this in there see what whoops you go sleep it sit there all right this is the Stanley PR 250 staple gun and then lockdown okay now yeah just lock it this for safety reason all right thanks for watching see you next time

Stanley TR250 Staple Gun Brad Nailer: How to Load Brads

Video Transcript

all right YouTube are back again two days in a row I was trying to help a neighbor out yesterday and needed to put Brad’s in this Stanley staple gun it is a TR 250 and the there is a brad stamped in the metal right here and says load Brad’s so you check this out and I’m going to show you how to get the Brad’s in here so interestingly enough these are Stanley Brad’s and this section of Brad’s even though it’s Stanley Brad’s is too long to fit into the stanley staple gun so you got to take off maybe five or ten or so so then you’re going to take the rest of these and if you you want the the head of the brad facing back okay that way whenever you squeeze the the lever back here you know the sharp portion that’s supposed to go in the board is coming out it’s going to go in the board alright so you’re going to take them and you put them in there and then you just slide it closed so let’s see make sure that your Brad’s are not bent up on the end like that so you got to press it down otherwise it won’t slide over top of them but so there you can see it’s sliding over top of the Brad’s so they are going to fit under that black metal piece alright so there you get it’s lit up the Brad’s are going to be sitting to the left so let’s see how it works there you go put the bread so let’s try it with the wire guard in and see if it’ll actually put it all the way in and it puts it a list I’ll do it best of luck

Stanley TR250 Staple Gun Easy Upgrade

Video Transcript

all right YouTube so yesterday you get to watch me show how to put Brad’s in this Stanley TR 250 somewhat awkwardly I might add I was only using one hand and at the end of the video it was still a little put off by the fact that it would not put a brand all the way into this old 2×4 here so it’s it’s pine it is an old board it’s well seasoned but still it’s fine so it ought to be able to put a bread into it and so I started thinking and I decided to take a look at the Brad’s so I looked at them and they are essentially blunt on the ends the only edge that has been put on them you can see just a little bit there but that’s basically just from where the machinery cuts them whenever they’re being manufactured so it’s just kind of a pinch but there’s no real edge on them so it’s almost like trying to drive a blunt nail so I got to thinking about how I could get an edge on there and I decided to use a piece of board and a file and just put an edge on that way and it’s surprisingly easy it’s not something I would want to do for every single one of these every time I load it you know if you’re doing a big project something like you know baseboards or crown molding by all means go buy the right equipment go get a compressor and a brad nailer but you know if you’re just doing some little project you know you’re making a picture frame or whatever and this thing won’t put a brad all the way into the oak or whatever hardwood you’re trying to use then this is a quick way to get around that so that you’re not having to try to use a hammer and nail finisher on you know some kind of delicate work so I’ll show you what [Music] [Laughter] take your brands take the end that’s going to go into the board hang it slightly over the edge make sure this is something that you don’t mind if it gets scraped up a little bit some every now and then the file will slip same thing here you’re just going to put this down and this gives you a good way to hold the entire row Brad’s firmly and this board beneath it supports so that you can put enough pressure to actually get a grind on that edge so just gonna hold you have to straighten it up every now and then [Laughter] [Music] other side if you’ve got a bench vise that would probably be ideal but that is on my list of things to buy right now I don’t want to get a cheap one so it’s just not sure when I’ll actually get to buy it but you’ll see the bench vise would be fantastic and if you look the camera will focus on it trying to focus on my thumb I think I don’t know what he’s trying to focus on that chair I guess so but you can see they’re just the sheen now and I spent maybe 3045 seconds putting a little bit of an edge on that so I’ll go ahead and go back over how to put these Brad’s in here just pop that up the head here goes back here slide it up and over all right so now I still got the same old hardboard it goes all the way in nice and flush and just to demonstrate what they do when they haven’t had an edge put on them I’ve got got one here kind of edge put on it it’s sticking up I don’t know if you can even really expel you know this one clearly you know sunken down in the wood just a little bit and this one sticking up just a little bit um and it’s not a lot but it’s enough that it would make your project not look quite as nice you might have to tap it with a nail finisher and I apologize for the focusing but I think you can see there there we go you can see where it’s sticking up and right there that is the other one it’s down in there nicely try it again same deal same deal still sticking up and you can actually see it a little bit better from this angle so there you go it’s a quick and easy way to make your staple gun work a little better with the Brad’s that way you’re not trying to tap in nails with a finisher and you don’t have to go spend a whole lot extra money on you know more expensive equipment for a small project so hope that helps

Stanley Stapler and Brad Nailer TR250

Video Transcript

here’s my Stanley stapler number TR 250 got it a while back they still sell them so we’ll review on it it’s pretty good it’s aluminum body it’s a lighter and a steel and of course feels good in the hand and it takes well these stapler staple z’ 6 millimeter 8 10 12 14 and even takes breads 12 millimeter and 15 just use it recently picks a little sentiment the kids broke of course and how to get the quarter-inch of 6 millimeter staples to fix it and I got a bunch of these are in here the 12 and has not failed me also has a guide right here I said I can get that yeah here we go that flips down flip it back up and then then put cable right there in the middle to guide you say go around the cable you don’t pinch it it tells you what size staple is in there if you have any in there there’s pressure right there more or less lock it when it’s not in use and this right here to refill it just pull that out staples come at the bottom and lock it back in place I’m real happy with it I think about getting that electronic one Benny this is good enough I wasn’t about to spend 30 bucks on a stapler anyway thanks for watching bye

Stanley electric stapler/brad nailer

Video Transcript

okay I just wanted to make a short video on the Stanley it’s a staple and nail gun and it is the Stanley TR e55 zero heavy-duty electric stapler and nail gun so when I first bought this I didn’t know how to load it you know it seems like you should but I don’t and so I finally figured out and I did book on YouTube and I couldn’t find any videos just to give you a really quick and instruction so you open the back you Porsche you have to make sure things unplugged and shut off zero or the circle is the off side and you slide this open and I did buy the wrong staples in the first place I first bought these the Stanley it’s the right size six millimeter a quarter inch light duty and what I actually needed to buy excuse me was the stanley heavy duty staples light duty they’re a little bit wider they will not fit in the chamber and I will demonstrate that because I thought I was an idiot because they wouldn’t go in so I finally figured it out I went back to the store the right ones fit in the chamber easy enough like a regular stapler you’re blowing it up this gets the chamber gets slid down and locked into place which takes a little finesse and then you’re ready to go plug it in and that’s what I’ll do right now turn it on and of course I used it to recover on my dining room chairs which were destroyed by grandchildren over the years from various arts and crafts nail polishes and food as we all know children love to do so anyway as I’ve got this all stapled here and I’ll just give you a brief demonstration when you press it down you have to make sure that you’re pressing enough to push this little safety lever all the way in because if you don’t this is what will happen you just fall down like that and push the button and the staple doesn’t go all the way down as you can see so in order all in with my little tack hammer make sure when you stable you put the staple online press with your palm good good pressure and then press your staple gun net trigger and it should go all the way in and that won’t actually hit a staple underneath so that’s a fail so I’ll show you again here hold your palm down firmly pressure pull the trigger and it goes all the way in so that’s how you use this stanley heavy-duty tre by 5-0 heavy duty stapler now in order to use the bread the Brad’s set can you can use with it I’ll show you that unplug it first of course you got to turn it off and unload it and they’re actually fairly simple to load I’ve never used a brad nailer before so that was a first for me so again I felt like an idiot here I got the stanley staple um excuse me the Stanley Brad’s and you just and it will tell you that it goes with this stapler right here on the bottom matches the same one here so when you open up the package of course they’re all really already a pair of us out here for you they’re really long and you’re thinking okay how do I get these in here they don’t all fit well when you read the instructions which I don’t like to do but I did it tells you to break them in half so that’s what I did I just break it in half like so so breezy you make sure that the head goes down into the chamber like so and then you slide the mechanism in and of course you also also want to make sure that the Brad’s you follow the little arrows that are on the loading bar it’s pointing down this is the side that the Brad’s need to be on slide the chamber all the way down push that trigger mechanism all the way and so it locks in place plug it back in turn it on and you’re in business ready to nail your Brad’s so you’ll see on this side there’s a little symbol that shows your Brad again you want to make sure you press your trigger all the way down and just to show you here that it does work you hold the same pressure on the palm pull the trigger shoot your bread right in now there is a mechanism on the back a little dial that you can increase the strength for the Brad’s or decrease it for the staples which I didn’t increase it for the Brad’s so of course I’d have to tell that or pull it all the way out when I finish my project but I’m recovering all my seats so here’s just a brief video again and somebody appreciates that because when I went looking for and I couldn’t find it and so any of you do-it-yourselfers out there who don’t have a lot of experience with working with power tools I thought this might be helpful for you so have enjoy

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Stanley TR250 SharpShooter Plus Heavy-Duty Staple

Stanley TR250 Sharpshooter Plus Heavy Duty Nail Gun

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  1. Hello. I bought a Stanley TR250 and realised it is the wrong thing I need. I already had a lighter weight stapler I used on upholstery but jammed it when I tried to staple several layers of thick material . I thought the TR250 would go thick fabric, but it doesn’t. I have wasted money on the stapler and staples, unless there are any finer wire staples that will fit this model. Any help appreciated.

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