Best Electric Staple Reviews (2023): Our Powered Picks

3 Jun

Best Electric Staple Reviews (2023): Our Powered Picks

A stapler is a common office tool. You’ll hear it in use every single day in almost every office environment.

We’re all very used to picking up this tool, stapling some papers together, and then moving on to the next task our job demands.

If you use a stapler multiple times every day, however, then this can lead to sore hands, fatigue, and even carpal tunnel syndrome in severe cases.

That’s why the best electric stapler reviews can help you to upgrade this useful office tool immediately.

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Our Test Winner After 35 + Hours Of Research:

BOS02210 - Stanley Bostitch Impulse 25 Electric Stapler

Stanley Bostitch Electric Stapler

Our Rating

Best Electric Staple Gun Reviews Chart

Being able to staple documents together seems like a pretty basic task. Unfortunately some electric staplers make it much more complicated than it needs to be.

The chart below will help you compare and contrast the best makes and models on the market today so productivity can remain consistent.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Swingline Electric Stapler Optima 45

#1. Our Overall Top Pick

Swingline Electric Stapler

Our Rating

The Swingline Electric Stapler can be used as a manual stapler if the batteries have run out or there isn’t an outlet close by.

The shape is supposed to be ergonomic for gripping the stapler, but realistically you’re just going to press down on the stapler if you need to use it manually.

The electric functioning works better than the manual functioning, but at least you can still staple your paperwork together if you have no power and need to get some work done.

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Bostitch Impulse 25 No Jam Electric Stapler

#2. Our Top Pick For Beginners

Bostitch Impulse 25 No Jam Electric Stapler

Our Rating

Can this stapler accommodate high volume use? Yes.

Will it last long while performing high capacity use? That’s doubtful.

We had no problem running about 500 documents through this stapler during our testing period.

Most high capacity users who have about 500 staples per day note that this stapler lasts about a year before it refuses to work any more.

If you’re ready for easy stapling experiences even under high volume use, then this is the electric stapler that you’re going to want.

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Avalon Fully Automatic Electric Stapler

#3. Runner Up

Avalon Fully Automatic Electric Stapler

Our Rating

The Avalon electric stapler works best when it is plugged into the wall. If you’re using the battery backup, then you’ll get about 50 documents stapled before the power curve begins to wind down.

At this point you’ll begin to see document tearing, so just avoid going there in the first place.

Replace the batteries or use rechargeables, but this isn’t a massive stapler that will get you through heavy duty documents.

Avalon has created an electric stapler that is designed to replace your manual office staplers.

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Bostitch Impulse 45 No Jam Electric Stapler

#4. Runner Up

Bostitch Impulse 45 No Jam Electric Stapler

Our Rating

Let’s face it: electric staplers can be a great convenience, but only until they jam up and stop working.

It’s like their version of the “PC Load Letter” error your printers used to give you.

What you’ll find with this particular stapler is a much improved stapling experience. Not only can it power through up to 45 sheets of standard paper, but you’ll have less downtime trying to clean up jams that might happen.

Even when they do occur, you can clear them out pretty easily. If you need a heavy duty stapler in the office, consider this electric stapler today.

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Swingline Electric Stapler Speed Pro 45

#5. Runner Up

Swingline Electric Stapler Speed Pro 45

Our Rating

If you are partial to the Swingline brand, then you’ll love the innovations that have helped to evolve this electric stapler from this brand’s initial 1937 successful product line.

You’ll be able to staple about 50 sheets of paperwork at a time if needed on a single pass.

Just run the paper by the sensor and the stapler will do the rest of the work for you. It’s great for high volume use, yet still works well for the occasional staple.

If you only have 2-3 papers to fasten together, however, you might wish to look for a traditional manual stapler instead.

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The Basics of an Electric Stapler

Just like with any other stapler in the home or office, an electric stapler is designed primarily to join sheets of paper together with a thin metal staple that is folded so the items are bound. With modern technology, electric staplers are lighter and more portable than ever before, which means they can be used by more workers than ever before.

Instead of requiring manual force to slide the staple through the paperwork being bound together, an electric stapler offers users a small sensor within the device. When you place papers or other items on this sensor, the stapling mechanism engages. The end result is a staple placed in its final position with a minimum level of effort.

Most electric staplers run on battery power today. Some of them run on regular alkaline batteries, while others have been outfitted with a rechargeable lithium-ion option. Corded electric staplers are also a possibility, though the corded option is becoming more rare thanks to the effectiveness of the modern battery. Even if you replace alkaline batteries, you’ll find that one charge can give you thousands of stapling events and that’s good value for your cash today.

The Benefits of an Electric Stapler

Should you upgrade from a manual stapler in the office? This tool is an efficient alternative that can rapidly increase your productivity. They save time because you just have to run the documents through the stapling mechanism. It takes just a few seconds, which means you save a few seconds when compared to a manual office stapler. That might not seem like much, but if you have 3 seconds per stapling chore and you staple 500 documents per day, you’ve just saved 25 minutes of time in one day.

Another benefit to consider with the best electric staplers is the effort it takes to get the job done. You can permanently mount electric staplers or you can move them about from desk to desk. Instead of using the physical effort required to create the binding action a manual stapler requires, you just slide a stack of papers through and you’re done. This means virtually everyone in the office can staple stuff when needed.

Then there’s the reduced costs that an electric stapler can provide. They work at an 8:1 ratio when compared to manual staplers. This means you can replace 8 regular staplers with 1 electric stapler and still have the same levels of productivity in the office. You’ll also be purchasing fewer staplers, have reduced losses from employee theft, and create less waste.

How To Find the Best Electric Stapler For Me

There are three questions you should ask yourself when shopping for the best electric stapler on the market today.

  • How do I intend to use the new electric stapler when I receive it?
  • How often do I plan on using the electric stapler?
  • How much do my personal preferences influence my purchasing decision?

Electric staplers come in light duty, standard, and heavy duty options. Knowing how you intend to use the stapler is important because a light duty model isn’t going to power through a 150 page document. On the other hand, there’s no need to pay for a heavy duty model when all you plan to do is run a couple of thin documents through the stapler from time to time.

Volume of use is also important. Heavy workloads require staplers with metal components that won’t degrade under heavy wear and tear conditions. Cheaper staplers in this category are usually made from plastic to save on cost and weight. The plastic electric staplers are still a valuable buy, but more for light duty use.

Personal preferences are also important because there are few style options available in this category. Most electric staplers look like large boxes or bulky manual staplers. They typically come in black or gray if you even get a color choice. Manual staplers have many more aesthetic options. If you want your stapler to have a visual impact on your desk, the best electric stapler might not be able to provide that.

Don't forget that you will probably require a staple remover at some point.

What Are the Prices of Electric Staplers Today?

You can pick up a good electric stapler for about the same price as a manual stapler right now. Many options from brands like Swingline or Bostitch can be found for under $30. If you’re looking for a heavy duty electric stapler, you’ll find several options in the $45-$65 range.

If you write screenplays or novels for a living or you have thick presentations to produce, then you might want to invest into a bulk electric stapler that is capable of handling 200+ pages. Staplers in this category can approach the $100 price point.

If you will be using your staple to frequently bind books or booklets, then you should consider a Saddle Stapler, as these are designed specifically for this task.


Here are our top 5 Best Electric Staples:

  1. Stanley Bostitch Electric Stapler
  2. Swingline Electric Stapler Speed Pro 45
  3. Bostitch Impulse 25 No Jam Electric Stapler
  4. Swingline Speed Pro 25
  5. Swingline Electric Stapler

Final Words

The best electric stapler reviews will help you to find a great tool for your home or office. 

Be more productive and have fun doing it with one of these great staplers providing much needed assistance to your paperwork tasks today.

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