Review: Swingline Electric Stapler (2020)

17 Jun

Review: Swingline Electric Stapler (2020)

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Swingline Electric Stapler Optima 45

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“Do you have my stapler?” It’s a question you might be asking a lot if you own the Swingline Electric Stapler. This electric stapler offers users up to a 20 sheet capacity for quiet and fast stapling like never before. It runs on AA batteries or can be plugged directly into an outlet based on your personal preferences. The AC adapter is included with this electric stapler.

Could the Swingline Electric Stapler be the best stapler to meet your needs? Here are the answers to the questions we had about this office tool when we first started using it.

Q: Can it be used as a manual stapler?

A: Yes. The Swingline Electric Stapler can be used as a manual stapler if the batteries have run out or there isn’t an outlet close by. The shape is supposed to be ergonomic for gripping the stapler, but realistically you’re just going to press down on the stapler if you need to use it manually. The electric functioning works better than the manual functioning, but at least you can still staple your paperwork together if  you have no power.

Q: How accurate is the staple placement?

A: This electric stapler by Swingline is easily one of the best staplers we’ve ever used for administrative work. There is an alignment guide included with the stapler to make sure you’re putting the paperwork in its proper position. A stack height gauge is also included to help make sure you’re not trying to staple through a document which is too thick. These are built into the stapler housing, so you won’t have to hunt down your extra features.

Q: Does this electric stapler jam?

A: We had no problems with jamming when testing the Swingline Electric Stapler. The only real issue we saw when it came to performance is that you really don’t know how many staples are left in this machine. You’ll know you’ve run out when you try to staple something and nothing comes out of the stapler.

Q: Does the Swingline Electric Stapler damage documents?

A: Not that we saw. There is always the possibility that someone could misuse this tool and have it cause document damage, but with standard use this stapler is pretty reliable. The staples are placed firmly and it can use Optima staples or standard staples and still work as it should.

Q: Will this create flat cinch staples?

A: No. Flat cinch staplers are designed to create a staple that is flush with the top of your document. This creates a flat stack of paperwork that can then help you to make neater documents. This stapler is not designed for this function, although smaller documents may still receive this result. We found the best results tended to come from documents that were 5-10 sheets in total. When you approach 20 sheets, you can tell you’re approaching the maximum capacity of this stapler.

Q: Would you recommend this electric stapler to others?

A: Absolutely. If you are doing high volume stapling, then this Swingline stapler is going to save you a lot of manual effort. Just slide in your document, get the staple placed perfectly, and then repeat. You also won’t be disturbing your neighbors with the loud stapling sounds that other models tend to have.

The best electric stapler could very well be this Swingline Electric Stapler. If you’re looking to maximize your office efficiencies, then this could be the tool to help you reach your metrics.

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