Best Box & Carton Staplers (2019): Reviews Of Our Top-Rated Tools

Best Box & Carton Staplers (2019): Reviews Of Our Top-Rated Tools

Does your business do a lot of shipping?

Have you started a home-based business and need some tools for your online store?

Maybe your warehouse needs to be productive. You might have to move from home to home a lot because of your job.

Whatever the case may be, knowing how to find the best box & carton staplers is going to bring about massive time savings for you and your business.

You can quickly pack and seal boxes and cartons with ease when you own this tool.

Are You In A Hurry?
Our Test Winner After 35 + Hours Of Research:

Fasco 11312F Manual Stick Carton Closing Stapler

Fasco 11312F Manual Stick Carton Closing Stapler

Our Rating

Best Box & Carton Staplers Chart

This unique stapler isn’t like all of the rest. It’s specifically built for the packaging industry.

The chart below will show you which tools provide the best overall results so you can compare and contrast them with ease.

There’s no easier way to find the perfect tool!

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Arrow P22 Heavy Duty Plier Type Stapler

#1. Our Overall Top Pick

Arrow P22 Heavy Duty Plier Type Stapler

Our Rating

This plier-type stapler will make quick work of your packaging and shipping needs.

You can quickly construct cardboard boxes and keep them in their proper alignment thanks to this tool.

Even triple-thick or corrugated cardboard can be firmly fastened when you’re using this affordable tool.

It’s size also means you can use staples in smaller cardboard containers for greater shipping security.

Bagging, tagging, and other labeling options happen in no time at all. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this box and carton stapler.

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Rapid Classic 1 Plier Stapler

#2. Our Top Pick For Beginners

Rapesco Porpoise Classic Plier Stapler

Our Rating

This is the original plier stapler and it’s a best-selling tool because it is so effective at what it does.

The ergonomic handle allows users to have more leverage for their stapling needs.

If you’re stapling papers, you have a 50 sheet capacity. If you’re stapling cardboard, it will handle all but the thickest grades you use for shipping or in the warehouse.

The chrome plating is strong and durable, not flaking off on your packing materials. Reloading it takes just seconds.

You’re going to love what this stapler is able to do.

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Fasco 11312F Manual Stick Carton Closing Stapler

#3. Runner Up

Fasco 11312F Manual Stick Carton Closing Stapler

Our Rating

This is the box and carton stapler you’re going to want if you have high volume shipping needs to fulfill.

It’s s top carton stapler which seals your cardboard quite tightly. If you’re doing all the packaging by hand, you can also flip over your cardboard box and reinforce the bottom of even the heavy-duty double-layered shipping boxes you use.

You can use this stapler straight out of the box and it’s going to work consistently to meet your needs.

It’s worth the investment.

Bostitch P51-10B Pneumatic Stapling Pliers

#4. Runner Up

Bostitch P51-10B Pneumatic Stapling Pliers

Our Rating

This is the staple gun you’re going to want for your boxes and cartons if you have an air compressor on hand.

It offers a surprisingly powerful shuttle blade that gives you pre-compression like no other tool you’ve ever used.

If you’re trying to seal corrugated joints, then take advantage of the additional arms that are available for this staple gun as well. It’s very reliable, doesn’t jam often, and works as promised.

You can’t ask for much more from a stapler.

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Bostitch Cap Stapler

#5. Runner Up

Bostitch Cap Stapler

Our Rating

It’s the versatility of this staple gun that caught our attention. First of all, it’s about 20% lighter than most other staple guns you’ll be using, which means you can use it at various angles for your cardboard boxes with less fatigue.

It also has a selectable trigger operation, so you can fire staples based on pulling a trigger or with pressure at the nose.

You can even adjust the depth of your drive sets based on what your shipping needs are at the time.

If you want a staple gun that can work with your boxes, cartons, and even DIY projects around the house, then give this tool a very close look.

The Basics of a Box & Carton Stapler 

Box & carton staplers are designed to help you quickly close up packages for storing and shipping. For the average person, that may be why they’ve never heard of this niche tool before. In order to select the right one to meet your needs, it becomes necessary to think about how this type of staple gun is going to be used. Here are some key performance indicators that should be considered.

  • The thickness of the cardboard. This type of stapler helps you to increase the overall volume of work that can be accomplished. Matching up your cardboard thickness or use of corrugated cardboard to the stapler’s capabilities now will save you a headache later on.
  • The volume of use. If you’re only shipping out a handful of boxes every day, then light duty staplers might be your best value option. If you have triple wall cardboard that you deal with daily, then a heavy duty box & carton stapler is going to be your best option.
  • How the boxes & cartons are closed. Modern staplers in this category can close or seal boxes & cartons from the top, from the bottom, or provide clinch staplers thanks to plier designs that can be done at all angles. 

Although this type of staple gun is primarily used for commercial and industrial applications, it does have some residential uses as well. Packing up a home is a cinch thanks to this tool. Forget about the rolls of packing tape that you can never get started or the expense of duct tape. Put your stuff in a box, staple it closed with this tool, and then repeat until you’re done. 

A final consideration in this category are the bench mounted staple guns that are used for assembly lines. They help to create overlap closures, join ends together, provide tagging, and other applications which involve cardboard and packaging materials. This type of box & carton stapler tends to only be found in industrial settings, but may have some limited commercial and residential uses as well. 

The Types of Box & Carton Staplers 

Plier staplers tend to be the most common box & carton staplers around. These are useful for limited manual applications and can help you do everything from assemble a display to seal up a box. Most businesses and homes benefit from having at least one plier stapler available.

Top carton staplers are the most common stapler used in this category. They help to seal up cartons quickly and are relatively lightweight and easy to use. Select a cordless model for a maximum level of versatility and you’ll be able to decrease your production time per product.

Bottom box & carton staplers are also a possibility, but these are generally installed in a single location and used for assembly purposes. You operate the stapler from the top and the bottom of the unit then staples the cardboard that is being prepared. 

Advantages of a Box & Carton Stapler

Every business needs to get started somewhere. The first customers, the first dollar of profit, and the first innovative idea that goes viral are just a few milestones that are frequently tracked. Once you hit those startup milestones, however, it becomes time to look at efficiencies, revenue potential, and quality. Box & carton staplers help to improve all three categories. Here’s why.

  1. They offer a stronger seal. Reinforced tape with fiber provides a pretty strong seal, but only when shipping lightweight products. Heavy duty products require heavy duty cardboard and this stapler can provide your cardboard with a stronger seal, giving you a better shipping experience.
  2. They improve shipping turnaround time. How fast a business can ship out an item is a consumer metric that is used to build loyalty and value. Box & carton staplers make you more productive, which helps you to turn out more packages in a given time, which makes customers happier.
  3. More packages means more revenue potential. If you can ship more items every day, then you can sell more items every day. That one basic fact can help move a business from being in the red to being in the black. 

To take advantage of these benefits, you’ll need to think about the quality of the staple that is being used. Manual, electric, and pneumatic staplers are all available in this category, so quality depends on how much volume you expect and is combined with the thickness, crown, and leg length of the staples themselves. Match up the right staple to the right stapler and you’ve got a recipe for success. 

What Are the Prices of Box and Carton Staplers? 

If all you need is a set of plier staplers, then you can find a high quality set on Amazon for around $20. Manual staplers in this category also tend to hover around that price point, with premium pricing around the $50 mark. Electric and pneumatic staplers that work with boxes and cartons are usually priced above the $100 mark for light- to medium-duty use. Industrial staplers can top out at the $1,000 price point, but are generally intended for manufacturing settings only.

Final Words

The best box and carton staplers make short work out of your shipping chores. 

Ship more items, make more money, and you’ll realize the value of what this type of stapler can provide.

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