Best Carpet & Flooring Staplers (2019): Reviews Of The Top Tools To Use

Best Carpet & Flooring Staplers (2019): Reviews Of The Top Tools To Use

Carpet and flooring staplers are a high quality tool that can help you install some amazing floors in your home.

The modern stapler in this category can work with laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, laying carpet, and even install upholstery or assemble wood products if need be.

Whether you’ve got a DIY remodeling project that needs to get done or this is what you do to earn a living, the best carpet and flooring staplers will save you time, save you money, and help you to produce incredible results.

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Our Test Winner After 35 + Hours Of Research:

Bostitch MIIIFS Pneumatic Stapler

Bostitch MIIIFS Pneumatic Stapler

Our Rating

Best Fence Staple Gun Reviews Chart

The problem with fencing is that it can come in a wide variety of materials.

You might need to affix wire to fence posts. You might be using treated wood. Maybe you’re installing cedar fence panels instead.

The bottom line is this: you need a versatile staple gun.

The chart below gives you a look at those that have proven to be useful.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Bostitch MIIIFS Pneumatic Stapler

#1. Our Overall Top Pick

Bostitch MIIIFS Pneumatic Stapler

Our Rating

This is one of the most powerful pneumatic staple guns on the market today.

It offers a high-speed, mallet-actuated operation that will give you 420 inch pounds of hard driving power.

Even the casing is built to last, made from aircraft-grade aluminum.

If you’re installing hardwood flooring of 1/2-3/4 inches, whether it is finished or unfinished, then this is the tool that you’re going to want to use.

 It does weight over 11 pounds, but your efforts are going to create something beautiful when you have this tool available.

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DEWALT DWFP1838 18 Gauge Finish Stapler

#2. Our Top Pick For Beginners

DEWALT DWFP1838 18 Gauge Finish Stapler

Our Rating

This staple gun will help you install virtually any floor you can imagine in your home.

The no-mar installation point is overmolded so that there is an increased protection for your flooring materials.

It’s gentle enough as a staple gun to let you install padding, yet firm enough to work with most hardwood options.

Because you might need to work at some unusual angles from time to time, you can even move the exhaust channel 360 degrees for convenience.

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Reconditioned Bostitch Pneumatic

#3. Runner Up

Reconditioned Bostitch Pneumatic

Our Rating

Sometimes you can find a great deal online for a carpet and floor stapler.

That’s the case with this reconditioned pneumatic floor staple gun. It’s been reconditioned at the factory and has the same warranties as a brand new model, but at a price that is up to $300 less than the regular priced MSRP.

It holds up to 92 staples at a time, uses 15.5 gauge staples, and works best with either solid or engineered wood floors. Is there a chance you might be purchasing a lemon?

That’s always possible… but our testing period was very successful and we would readily include this tool in our toolboxes for home use.

Surebonder 9600B Pneumatic Heavy Duty Standard T50 Type Stapler

#4. Runner Up

Surebonder 9600A Heavy Duty Stapler Gun w/ Case

Our Rating

Are you looking for a heavy duty staple gun that can take care of a whole variety of needs?

Do you have a compressor in place already that you can hook this pneumatic staple gun into so your needs can be met?

Then you’re going to love what the Surebonder 9600A heavy duty staple gun is going to be able to provide for your next project.

Not only does it accept a wide variety of staple sizes, but this air-powered masterpiece can be found online for less than $30.

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Roberts 10-600 120v 15 Amp Pro Electric Stapler

#5. Runner Up

Roberts 10-600 120v 15 Amp Pro Electric Stapler

Our Rating

This staple gun is a beast for your DIY residential projects. Need to install a new carpet?

You’ll be done in no time at all with this tool. Hardwood floors can be installed quickly and without cracking.

You can even take it outside to start putting together that deck you’ve always wanted. There’s enough power to get every job done, but it isn’t over-powered so that you wind up breaking stuff along the way.

At this price point, you won’t find a better stapler to take care of every flooring need.

The Basics of Carpet and Flooring Staplers

When installing a new floor, you’ve got two basic options: cleats or staples. Cleats are often used for hardwood floors because the natural product expands and contracts naturally. Staples, with their two prong entry, create a firm installation point initially, but can cause cracking with the natural movement of the floor over time that cleats do not cause. Long-term durability goes to cleats instead of staples for a hardwood floor.

Cost is also an important consideration. If you’re trying to improve the look of a room on the cheap, then you can’t go wrong with staples. This is especially true if you’re using instant wood flooring products. Just install the flooring, add a couple of staples here and there, and then finish off the floor with ease. Cleats are much more expensive.

Not all floors are hardwood floors. Carpeting is also routinely installed in homes and businesses and staples have an advantage here as well. Because there isn’t as much risk of damaging the carpet when too much pressure is applied to the stapler, you can end up with a brand new floor installed in just a few hours with the use of this tool.

How To Find the Best Carpet and Flooring Staplers

You’ve decided on which type of floor you’re going to install. You know that you want a carpet and flooring stapler to help you get the job done. Now you’re ready to begin the shopping process. How do you find the best carpet and flooring stapler when there are so many from which to choose?

Don’t rely on manufacturer’s descriptions or biased websites that want you to purchase the most expensive tool out there. Look for reviews on sites like Stapler Slinger that are based on real experiences. I’m a former general contractor reviewing these tools, so let my experiences help you decide which stapler is going to help you out the most. There’s no pressure here to purchase a certain brand or product.

You’ll also want to think about the gauge that your flooring may require. Carpet and flooring staplers offer gauges from 16-22 in most circumstances. Some only offer one option, while others allow you to adjust the tool to use multiple gauges. If you need flexibility or think you might have multiple project uses for your new stapler, then look for a tool that is adaptable.

You get information. You make the decision. That’s the key to finding the best stapler in this category. Without real data, you could wind up ruining your brand new floor and that’s a costly mistake indeed.

The Advantages of a Carpet and Floor Stapler

There are various ways to install carpeting or hardwood flooring in a home or business today. You could use glue. You could add tacks along the edges of the flooring. You can even grout in some floors today if you want. The only problem is that many of these methods are rigid and your floor is not. It is a living, breathing component of your home.

Moisture, temperature, and even how a floor is used causes it to expand and contract over time. This is even true for carpeted floors thanks to the wood supports underneath it in the subflooring. As this occurs, some installation options quickly degrade and cause the flooring to become loose or the carpets to crinkle up.

You don’t need that headache. Although carpet and flooring staplers can sometimes be difficult to use when attaching tongues that are less than 0.75 inches thick and a staple can cause creaking as the installation point begins to lightly loosen over time, the results are much more consistent. As long as you’re careful during the installation process to keep the flooring undamaged, you will come out of your project with incredible results when you own the best carpet and floor stapler around.

What Are the Prices of Carpet and Floor Staplers?

This is not a tool that you’ll want to get on the cheap unless you’ve got access to a refurbished product that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and/or guarantee. You’re going to get what you pay for and cheap carpet and floor staplers are going to give you low quality results that are unsatisfying. For that reason, you’re going to want to budget around $150-$200 at minimum to procure this tool for your upcoming project.

There are more expensive staplers in this category, but they tend to be more for commercial needs that a general contractor might have rather than a DIY homeowner. If you can afford these premium products, however, the investment is worthwhile because you typically receive a longer and more comprehensive warranty.

Final Words

The best carpet and flooring staplers are going to make short work of your renovation and remodeling chores. If you’re ready to discover what the maximum potential of every room in your home happens to be, then these are the best staplers around to help you make that happen.

Find your preferred tool and then let the creativity begin to flow.

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